Saturday, June 17, 2017

USS Fitzgerald Collision off Japan-Father Howard Fitzgerald-Father Paul and more

US Destroyer=169
Seven Missing=169(reverse)
Father's day the 169th day....
The USS Fitzgerald huh? 
Think about how much I've been mentioning the priests/Jesuits in regards to Father's Day. 
Remember Father Howard FITZGERALD the priest who was busted for child molesting. 
USS Fitzgerald=59 and 167. 
6+16+20+17=59  also 6/16 is the 167th day of the year. 

Bryce Benson=59

Izu Peninsula=59 and 167. 
USS Fitzgerald=59 and 167 

The ship was laid down on 2/9/1993 by Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. What about the other priest I mentioned?...Father Paul who died mysteriously in the Bathtub on the Jesuit residence....
I'm also interested that the ship was commissioned October 1995...Father Howard came to my town in September 1995. 

The ship named in honor of William Fitzgerald. 
William Fitzgerald=187
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)
William Charles Fitzgerald=118
Father Howard Fitzgerald=118

William Fitzgerald dies 191 days after his bday...
Society of Jesus=191
He dies on 8/7. 
Howard Fitzgerald=87

I'm also interested in the fact it was sponsored by Betty Fitzgerald. A lady named Betty Fitzgerald lived 2 houses down from my parents for a very long time. 

Betty my neighbor died on 4/7 which was 47 days before her bday. 
Interesting her bday on 5/24....which was the day Trump met Pope Francis this year. 

She also died 318 days after her bday...(God number and more). 
Also 10 months 14 days.....The USS Fitzgerald commissioned on 10/14. 
Interesting too as before Betty lived in the house a few of the kids I went to school with lived there. 
Clark Brasel=312(Jewish)...Jesuits-Angel Michael and so on. 
Lisa Brasel=318(Jewish)
Oh the odds. 

I haven't talked to these guys in a long time. Clark married a classmate of ours and they don't come back very often. I went to Facebook to see if I could find a little more info. Clark doesn't have a Facebook but his wife does....notice her bday of 9/27....the Jesuit Anniversary.

Lisa lives in Aurora, Colorado.....BATMAN! that I have recently been covering. 
If I remember correctly.....
Clark's bday is 4/16.....Lisa's 8/23....
That means their bday's are 4 months 7 days apart. 

Yokosuka Japan=191

I also always thought it was funny that Clark and Lisa moved here from Griswold, Iowa.   Clark Griswold...Chevy Chase...National Lampoons Vacation....Clark used to bring Clark Bars(Candy) to school every year on his bday too. 
Griswold, Iowa=169(reverse)
National Lampoons=191

Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer=184
USS Fitzgerald=184(reverse)

I think this story might be connected to the CWS and the World Series...
Fitzgerald=54, 108 and 162(reverse)
162 regular season games. 
Major League Baseball=162
Major League=108
108 Double Stiches on a Baseball...
Baseball=54 and 162(reverse)
Fifty Nine=54, 108
It hit the "Starboard Side"=54

I've also been wondering if we are going to see the Yankees in the world series this year with all the Jesuit connections? 
New York Yankees=191, and 187(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191 and 187(reverse)
Possibly other teams have the same connection...haven't taken the time to look yet. 

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