Thursday, June 15, 2017

Otto Warmbier "Unresponsive Wakefulness". 308

So now they are describing Otto Warmbier's condition as "Unresponsive Wakefulness". 
Unresponsive Wakefulness=128(red rev) and 308(reverse) also 313. 
Notice the video is 1:28 as well. 
Brain Injury=60
Otto Warmbier=60

I'm posting this only because of the 308. I keep seeing this number in the last few days. 
11/4 is the 308th day. 
2/26 is the day that leaves 308 days. 
2/26 is the day Dennis Rodman first went to North Korea as well. 
2/26 the 57th day.....Swiss records say Kim Jong-Un's bday is July 5th....5/7 or 7/5...."Otto Warmbier"=75(red rev)
The Doctor speaking in the video is "Daniel Kanter"=75(red rev)

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