Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Warriors owners Peter Guber and Joe Lacob-Batman-Clock Mess up in 2nd quarter of Game 5-Jesuits-Space

After the Warriors won they brought out the above 2 owners of the Warriors. 
Joe Lacob=153(reverse)
Peter Guber=153(reverse) also 117
Golden State Warriors=117(red rev)

They won 153 days after Joe Lacob's(Majority owner) bday. 
June Twelfth=153(reverse)
Golden State Warriors=153(e)
Peter Guber  born on 3/1. 
Notice Peter Guber also produced "Batman"(1989 Michael Keaton) 
The death of Adam West had me wondering if the Warriors would win game 5. 

I've been covering a lot of the connections to the Jesuits and notice the Warriors won 108 days(end date) before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Golden State Warriors=108
This also means they won 3 months 18 days before Kevin Durant's bday.  
Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)

If you don't include the end date it's 107 days.
I talked about David West in my death of Adam West blog post. I mentioned how he went to a Jesuit university. 
David West=107
David Moorer West=191(reverse)
Society of Jesus=191

Second Quarter=191(reverse)
He even got a big moment in this game that really didn't make any sense. He got mad at Kyrie Irving when they were up by 15 points. After this West got a Technical and also 3 of the Cavs. 
It happened 3 minutes 14 seconds after they fixed the clock too that I'll show later in the post.  

Warriors win on June 12th or 12/6. 
Remember the day Eugene Cernan died the Warriors beat the Cavs by 35 scoring 126 points. It was also 1 month 26 days before Pi day...which was also Curry's bday and Eugene Cernan's bday. 
1/26 was also 121 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Warriors win 90 days after Pi day. 
Golden State Warriors=90
It's also 91 days(end date)

In the 2nd quarter the game clock went from 6:48 to 10:26 all the sudden. They had to stop after the next play and fix it. 
I mean how does a clock do this without this being planned? Lol it's just so stupid...How does it just change to 10:26 from 6:48? 
This is why....
Ten Twenty Six=108 also 126(reverse) also 618(satanic)
Golden State Warriors=108
Six Forty Eight=185
Basketball=185(reverse) and also 85. 
Notice the total score 43+42=85

Although it didn't go to 7 games on Father's day I'm still interested in that 618.....I wonder if we are going to get a significant story or happening on 6/18 this year? 
Father's Day=107 and 163(reverse)
June 12th the 163rd day of the year. 

Warriors win 148 days(end date) after Cernan dies. 
Game Five=148(reverse)

Warriors also win 1 month 17 days before the anniversary of Nasa. 
Golden State Warriors=117(red rev)
The Finals began 58 days before the anniversary. 
Nasa in it's 58th year established in 58'. 

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