Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sailor missing for 7 Days on USS Shiloh

This story was on the CNN sidebar right now as well. Lol seriously....The Navy loses sailor on ship for 7 days.....We also got the story of the 7 missing Sailors on the USS Fitzgerald today.  This ship was also outside of Japan. 

How does this story even make sense to 7 days? He vanishes on 6/8 and is found on Tuesday 6/13 and somehow that is 7 days? The Navy didn't report they found him until 6/15 which is 7 days. This story is all messed up. Even if they are meaning the Navy confirmed it 7 days later, he was only missing 5 days not 7 days like the article shows as well. 

The article let's us know how thankful Charles William is for finding him...
Charles William....
The USS Fitzgerald named after William Charles...Fitzgerald. 
I'm thinking about Charles and William in regards to the Royal Family as well. 
He went missing on 6/8....
Prince Charles=68 and is 68 years old currently. 

Petty Officer Peter Mims=113
USS Shiloh=113(reverse)
Peter Mims=118
Father Howard Fitzgerald=118
William Charles Fitzgerald=118

He's going to get medically examined on the USS Ronald Reagan. 
USS Ronald Reagan=169

Missing Sailor=187(reverse)
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

I don't know if anything is planned for Father's day but there sure are a lot of connections in regards to Fathers/Jesuits...
7 Days
7 Arch Angels
7 Limbed Aliens....
7 missing sailors...

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