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Comment with a link to a cover of Zombie by the Cranberries-1993 Warrington Bomb Attacks-93' WTC bombing-Jesuits-Archer(TV Series) Pope Francis assassination?-

I've got this comment twice now in the past few days.
The reason I'm posting is the link takes you to a weird cover of "Zombie" by the Cranberries with a bunch of One Eye stuff. Also it seems odd to me considering this person doesn't seem to be associated with the video they keep showing me? Possibly they are, but I don't get why they are promoting this video to me? Also the Eywa channel only has just this 1 video and nothing else.  Also Zach just had a post not too long ago about this song. I mean of all the songs in the world to post about and now someone keeps showing me the song? 
Notice my How to Gematria video has 42 likes too. 
Ha and I put it out on 2+15+16=33 
Just thinking about it....Eywa? the way I pronounce it in my head is Eye Iowa where I live. 

Zombie by Eywa
Here's a link to see what I mean. 
Another reason I'm posting this is because of the date the video came out....2/10 or also 10/2. 
Last night I just discovered something I think I'm supposed to see with all the CAREY stuff I've been talking about. 
I djed the party for the Carey family. 
Jim Carrey=102
Drew Carey=102
I also noted "Al Qaeda"=102
The WTC attacks supposedly lasted 102 minutes. 
United States of America=102
Last night in my video I also pointed out Cardinal George Pell being accused of Sexual abuse...
George Pell=102
World War=102(reverse)
Key of David=102
Also the biggest number this year in regards to my own life has been 166....
One Hundred Two=166

Also February 10th is the day that leaves 324 days in the year. 
This above video is 3:24 in length. 
Zombie by Eywa=61 and 151
Jesus=61...Jesus Christ=151

The original song Zombie is 84 beats per minute...
The Cranberries=145

Interesting another single on the album "No Need to Argue" is called "Ridiculous Thoughts". 
Last night when I realized all the 102 was during my video about Steelo Brim and Ridiculousness. I even pointed out that I kept saying Ridiculous not even realizing how it was a Pun to the video. 
Ridiculous Thoughts=102(red rev)
Ridiculous Thoughts.....In your head in your head.....really makes me wonder. I've been saying it's almost as if I don't control my own thoughts. 

Zombie was a protest song to the Warrington Bomb Attacks. Notice they began the same day the World Trade Center was bombed in 93'. 
Warrington Bomb Attacks=84 and 132(rev red)
Catholic Church=132 and so on.
United States of America=84 also 132(rev red)
Just thinking about this in regards to the 102 I mentioned above. 

Notice the people responsible for the Warrington Bomb attacks were the Provisional Irish Republican Army. 
Provisional Irish Republican Army=187(red reverse)
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

The first attack 7 months 1 day before the Jesuit anniversary in 93'. 

The 2nd attack happened 191 days before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Society of Jesus=191

The victims were a 3 year old and a 12 year old....
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312(reverse)
See my previous stuff in regards to Jesuits and 312. 

Ha unbelievable. I just came upstairs to sit in the air conditioned bedroom to finish this post. My girlfriend and daughter are sleeping with the tv on like usual. I didn't even think about the tv as I was researching this post. Anyway as I'm typing about 312 and Pope Francis I hear the TV say something about the assassination of the Pope. 

Season 4 episode 11 huh? 
The Papal Chase=52
This episode came out 15 days after Pope Francis became the Pope too. 
Society of Jesus=191
Assassination attempt=132(rev red)
Catholic Church=132 and so on...

Archer currently has 93 episodes...I'm posting about the bombings that happened in 93'. 
Also look when the 93rd episode aired...
5/24/17....this is the day Donald Trump met Pope Francis. 
Hmmm..I wonder in regards to reverse....JFK dies after meeting the Pope.....will the Pope die after meeting Trump?
It is also season 8 episode 8. 
Warrington England=88
Dolores Riordan=88(rev red)..Cranberries singer. 
E Minor=88(reverse)(what the song is in according to Wiki)

The aftermath of the Warrington Bombings involved the UDA killing 4 Catholic men and a 17 year old Catholic civilian....
It was on 3/24... 
2/10 the day that leaves 324...the video 3:24...

So they waited 4 days to retaliate which made it 187 days before the Jesuit anniversary lol. 
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

The UDA has killed over 400 people mostly Irish Catholics in response to the IRA's actions against Protestants. The ongoing division of the people. 

Peace came with the "Good Friday Agreement"=102
Interesting it was 5 years 21 days after the 2nd bombing in WARrington. 
521 is the 98th prime. 
This happened in the year 98'. 

So I opened up another Youtube tab because I was going to watch
a few of the Cranberries music videos. Anyway I noticed all of the Youtube Tabs say 187 on them. I'm not sure what the number represents? Notifications? Interesting it's 187 though. 

The lead singer of the Cranberries born in 71'. 
Also born on 9/6...Freemason=96

She got married on 18/7. 
She was raised Catholic. Her mother was a devout Catholic and named her after the Lady of the Seven Dolours...or Lady of Seven Sorrows. 
She met Pope John Paul II come on. 
She also played the Vatican Christmas Party multiple times for Pope Benedict XVI. 
John Paul II died age 84....Remember he also visited Iowa in 1979 in the same Diocese that I live in. Eywa...Iowa? Only president from Iowa Herbert Hoover...HH88 was the president when the stock market crashed 88 years ago on 10/29/17. 
Herbert Clark Hoover=102(rev red) dies on 10/20. 
Stock Market Crash=185
Donald John Trump=185
Joseph Ratzinger=191 
Also wiki says she was arrested on my 32nd bday on a flight to "Shannon"=32(rev red)...11+10+14=35

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