Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dennis Rodman in North Korea-the release of Otto Warmbier-Kenneth Bae

I love this article on CNN right now. The Warriors just won the NBA Finals and we have a story about Dennis Rodman going back to North Korea. 
"Something Pretty Positive"=122(reduced) and 121(rev red)
Golden state=122

I've mentioned a space them in regards to NBA and also connected to Rodman # 91 for the Bulls a few times even.  
A lot of the season the # 35 has been super important. 

According to Swiss Records Kim Jong Un born 35 days after the NBA Finals began this year. 

According to Rodman Kim Jong-Un turned 33 years old on 1/8/2017. 
Notice Rodman arrived in North Korea 156 days after Kim's 33rd bday. 
Thirty Three=156
156th prime number is 911
Rodman played 911 career games. 

Rodman and Kim's bdays 125 days apart. 
North Korea=125

Rodman is 56 years old right now. 
56 an important number in regards to 9/11 and other big events in history.  
Osama bin Laden=56
Adolf Hitler=56
Saddam Hussein=56
Think about how much I have mentioned the number 175 lately. 
Flight 175 hit the South Tower with 56 passengers exactly 56 minutes after taking off. 
Sixty Eight=56
Dennis Rodman=68(red rev)
Chicago Bulls=68(rev red)
"Basketball"=68(red rev)
1968 was when 9-1-1 made the emergency dialing code 33 years before 2001. The WTC's constructed on 6/8/68(august 6th). George Bush bday 68 days before 9/11. He graduated Yale/Skull and Bones in 68'. 
The Book 1984 came out 68 years ago on 6/8/17. 1984 was 33 years ago. 
Dennis Keith Rodman=84
Pyongyang, North Korea=84(red rev)
United States of America=84
Pope Francis=68
Donald John Trump=68
Prince Charles=68 and is 68 years old. 
Rodman goes on 6/13......613 the 112th prime number...1-1-2 the emergency dialing code in most other parts of the world instead of 9-1-1. 

312 a number I've been documenting in regards to Jesuits/Angel Michael. 
Rodman says it's "Basketball Diplomacy"=114(red rev)
Kim Jong-Un=114
World War=114
Pearl Harbor=114

Now we are getting the story of Otto Warmbier being released by North Korea, but Dennis Rodman had nothing to do with it lol. 
Look at how you pronounce his name. WORM-bir.....Dennis Rodman's nickname is "The Worm". such a joke. 

According to CNN the last time Otto's family saw him was this video from 2/29/16....The 60th day of the year. 
Otto Warmbier=60
It was on a Leap Day. 
Leap Day=125(reverse)
North Korea=125
CNN Article Otto Warmbier
Go watch the video of his confession lol, it's some terrible acting/fake crying. 
6/13 to 9/11 is 2 months 29 days......

Otto is 22 years old. 
Twenty two=165
Otto Warmbier=165(reverse)
Scottish Rite=165
Otto Frederick Warmbier=112

Kenneth Bae also released in connection to Dennis Rodman. Notice North Korea didn't tell the US about his arrest until 12/21/12....
Otto born on 12/12..Arrested age 21. Arrested on 1/2/2016. 
Bae also born in 68'. 
Moon Jae In-Dennis Rodman-Kenneth Bae-North Korea
I've talked about some of this stuff in the link above. 

Bae and Otto arrested 1 year 12 days apart. 

In regards to basketball it's interesting this story comes the day after the Cavaliers lose in the finals. Otto went to the University of Virginia...the Cavaliers. 

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