Monday, June 5, 2017

Game 2 NBA Finals lots of 11-comment on old youtube video-American Dad-152

Steve Kerr's first game back was today after missing 11 games. 
There were a lot of 11 tributes in the game tonight. The announcers mentioned a lot of times something in regards to 11. 
11th prime is 31. 
California the 31st state. 
Remember Last year when Anderson Varejao got picked up by the Warriors 31 days after Steve Kerr came back and David Blatt was fired? He played 31 games for the Cavs last year and was picked up by the Warriors to replace # 31 Festus Ezeli who missed 31 games. Ezeli came back against Portland the original team the Cavs traded Varejao to but dropped him. Varejao even played his first game with the Warriors 11 games after Ezeli got injured. 

Kevin Love scored the 11th point for the Cavaliers. Then Klay Thompson scored the 11th point for the Warriors making the score 11-11. This is interesting as Klay Thompson wears # 11 he was the 11th pick in the draft in 2011. 

Later in the game they show us Kevin Love with 11 points. Then they go on to mention how he is being guarded by Klay Thompson tonight and they played Little League together in Oregon. 

At the beginning of the 2nd half they make sure to let us know Lebron got his 11th assist on a pass to Kevin Love. Notice Love scored with 11 seconds on the shot clock too. 

Then we get Steph Curry when he was 11-11 on FT's. 

Later we get Draymond sitting down after 4 fouls with 11 points. 

There was also a big play where the Warriors missed 2 Three Point attempts but kept getting offensive rebounds. Klay Thompson shot another 3 and put the Warriors up by 11 points. 

I also noticed the scores of game 1 and 2 are fitting to what I've been saying in regards to the Space Theme-Jesuits-Nasa. 
Catholic Church=132
Nasa established on 7+29+19+58=113

So anyway as I'm typing this up I just got a notification on my phone. 
Some one comments on an old rap video I made...notice it's the 11th comment and somehow I managed to check it 11 minutes ago? 
I just typed in the Gematrinator before this "Eleventh Prime". 
Eleventh Prime=152
Ricky Spanish=152
I love Satan=152...just interesting they would write that in the comment. I have way worse videos than this one about a Horny Bear. 
One Hundred Fifty Two=232

My video was put out 152 days(end date) after the Jesuit Anniversary in 2013. 
The NBA Finals began this year on the 152nd day. 
Don't Funk up our Beats 6 (Horny Beartrap)=152 also 404. 
404 is interesting.....404 verses in revelation. Pope Francis arrived in United States at 4:04. 
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
The Chosen One=404(Jewish)
King James=404(Satanic)
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
Cavaliers are followers of King Charles. 
Lebron supposedly born at 4:04pm. 

Eleventh Prime=71
Horny Beartrap=71
Simply Brilliant, Thank You I love Satan=145
The picture is also an Alien(Space theme)....of course it's Roger from American Dad. 
American Dad=71(red rev)
Horny Bear=666(Jewish)

American Dad=224(reverse) 
It currently has 224 episodes. 
The Society of Jesus=224

The 152nd episode of American Dad titled "Da Flippity Flop". 
Roger Smith=132
This episode came out on the 132nd day of the year. 

Ricky Spanish is also an alter ego of Roger on American Dad. Notice Roger is Ricky Spanish on the 132nd episode too. 
I put my Horny Bear video out on the 56th day of 2014. This episode aired on 5/6. 
Society of Jesus=56(reduced) I'm wondering too in regards to American Dad.....all the Priest Stuff...Father....Fathers Day?  Who is America's Dad? Trump? 
George Washington=187? 
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

Seriously my daughter is playing games on the computer and hasn't said anything to me for a while. I'm on the laptop in the same room.  She randomly just asked me what 15 and 2 means? I said what do you mean? She pointed to her score on the computer game and it is 152. 
My girlfriend and her mom have a connection to 152 as well. 
Jasmine Cowgill=152

Notice Season 11 of American Dad only had 3 episodes ending on the 175th. 
Pope Francis=175(reverse)
Golden State=175(reverse)
It was the last episode to air on Fox. 
F=6 O=6 X=6 
I just posted in regards to the Angel Michael and 312 a few nights ago. 
I wonder too in regards to so much Lebron James coding....He was born on 12/30 or 30/12. A lot like 312. 
Born in 84'(Jesuit) 3 months 3 days after the 444th Jesuit Anniversary. 
Jesus died on the cross age 33....
Pope Francis began his speech on Abe Lincoln's Lectern at 4:44pm in Philadelphia. The Gettysburg Address given on 11/19/1863 which was also what would have been King Charles I's 263rd bday. 263 is the 56th prime number. 
Society of Jesus=56
Royal Family=56 
Roman numerals IV IV IV(444) the reverse is VI VI VI(666).
VI VI VI=93=Saturn 
Roman Numerals=187(reverse)
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

All the 56 stuff really puts it into perspective for me...
Osama Bin Laden=56
Adolf Hitler=56
Paris France=56....Paris is also where the Jesuits were founded. 
Abe Lincoln died age 56 in "April"=56...A lot of Lincoln is about the number 43...."Civil War"=43 died 4 months 3 days after it began, born on 43rd day and so on...
43rd prime is 191
Society of Jesus=191.....some even believe the Jesuits murdered makes a lot more sense now. 

Gonna have to check out some American Dad episodes now. 

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