Thursday, June 15, 2017

Batman Forever-The Riddler used Gematria in his clues

I just watched Batman Forever as it has Jim Carrey as the Riddler. 
The interesting part is that the Riddler uses Gematria in his riddles. 

Batman notices they all have numbers in them. 
13 then 1 then 8 then 5. 
Then him and Alfred go on to use them as letters. 
M=13 A=1 H=8 E=5
Batman says well 1 and 8 make 18...
M R E and they come up with MR E....Mystery....A mystery is an Enigma....The Riddler's real name is Edward Nygma....E Nygma. 

Jim Carrey loves numbers and gematria huh? The number 23 is based on the 23 Enigma as well. 

There's also a part in the film where Riddler throws a bomb in the batcave and pretends it's a baseball pitch. Just documenting but this film came out in 1995 when the Braves beat the Indians in the WS. 
Riddler=43, 70 and 315(satanic)
Indians=34, 43, 70 and 315(satanic)

The Film premiered on 6/9 which was 134 days before the WS. 
It came out in the US on 6/16 which was 127 days before the WS. 
127 a number around Indians I've documented. 

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  1. 12/7 is also the date of Americas worst Hotel Fire, in Atlanta, the Winecoff, killing 119 on Pearl Harbor Day 176 days after Trump was born. The Hotel was at 176 Peachtree. It reopened on 10/1/07(117) with 127 rooms. Trump to die 671 days after the Grenfell, 4/16/19. Grenfell Winecoff=88. 4/16/19 is also 888 days from 11/9/16(election day) and is exactly 17 years 7 months 6 days from 9/11/01, 1776.