Thursday, June 15, 2017

Joel Schumacher apologizes for "Batman & Robin"-Death of Robert Swenson-Heath Ledger..George Clooney Space Theme

This is the type of stuff I'm talking about. I didn't necessarily predict anything, but this happens all the time. I talk about something and then we get a story about it within the next few days. 
After Adam West died I specifically mentioned this movie in regards to what is coded to his death. 
Death of Adam West-Trump is Batman

I mentioned the specific film "Batman & Robin" as I was randomly wearing a Batman pin on my shirt that had Batman, Robin, and Batgirl on it the same day Adam West died. 
It was the first and only live action film with Batgirl in it...also Arnold Schwarzenegger..(Mr Freeze=51)......Trump...The Apprentice.. You're FIRED....FREEZE? 
Today is also Donald Trump's 71st birthday. In the article they mention how Batman & Robin came out 20 years ago. Trump was 51 years old 20 years ago. Trump-"I am Batman". 
Batman=51(see previous post for a lot more)

George Clooney=146....Today's date 14/6.   
George Clooney was connected to the Space theme from a long time ago. Remember the Simpsons episode that killed Prince also killed Neil Armstrong and George Clooney. 
Remember Prince wrote the Soundtrack for the 1989 Batman movie too. 

Notice Joel Schumacher also born the same day as David West. I also mentioned David West in the post in regards to Adam West/Jesuits. 
He also directed "The Number 23" how interesting. Jim Carrey is the Riddler. 
I'm gonna have to re-watch these films for some clues. 

Batman & Robin also the first film to have "Bane" in it. 
Notice the guy who played Bane...Robert Swenson...born on 1/5 or 5/1. 
Batman=15, 51
Robert Swenson=187
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)

He was born in 57' and the film premiered in Los Angeles 5 months 7 days after his bday. 

The film also came out 5 months 15 days....515.. after his bday all over the US. 

He also died 69 days(end date) after Batman & Robin came out in 1997 age 40. 
Remember "Batgirl"=69
The real batgirl(Yvonne Craig) died 6 months and 9 days after 6/9. 
Adam West(Batman) died on 6/9. 
Schwarzenegger is 69 years old right now. 
Joel Schumacher=69
The Moon landing in 69'. 
I've recently mentioned 308 too. The Simpsons kill Neil Armstrong with a "Golf Club"=308(Jewish)
David West clock stopped at 3:08...
John Herschel Glenn Jr=308(reverse)
Three Hundred Eight=82(red rev)....Armstrong/Cernan died age 82. 

Batman deaths made me want to look up Heath Ledger. 
Heath Ledger=51(rev red)

Ledger dies 174 days before the premiere of The Dark Knight on 7/14 in New York City. 

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