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Family Feud episode I watched today-Friendly Father Fred-Pope John Paul II 42 minute visit with Iowa Parishioners-Jesuits

I just sat down and turned on the TV while I was eating lunch. Nothing really interesting to me was on so I just turned it to Family Feud. 
The girl above so far has had 2 times where she answered and thought it was a dumb answer and it was the correct answer.

The first question was something Superman would take his cape off for. She said to go to a public event/not be superman anymore. She thought it was a dumb answer and said give me the X steve. Then it was on the board. Not really a dumb answer I didn't think, but it was made a big deal of on the show. 

The 2nd time I agree it was weird. 
It was what would you not want to get stuck outside your hotel room wearing? She said your girlfriends clothes.....Steve was like yeah you're wearing your girlfriend's panties for no reason....then it was up on the board. 
Notice they had 84 points when she said that answer....
Mandi Littleton=84(rev red) also 168
Family Feud=168(reverse)
Your Girlfriends Clothes=312....just documenting...
Family Feud=51(red rev)
Steve Harvey=51(reduced)

The 3rd round the Littleton Family got to steal and Mandi gets to give the answer for the team. The question was a reason a man might want his date to pay for the tab on a date...
Mandi says, "She makes more money"=84(rev red)

I found a clip of this on Youtube called "Size Matters"=155 Notice how they finished with 155 points too. 
I'm also interested that they have 513K subs....The number connected to Gabriel...
After Mandi guessed at the end Steve made it a big deal about a "Jump Pad". She said "Jump Pass" but he thought she said Jump Pad...
Jump Pad=326(satanic) Once again a Gabriel number. 
Angel Gabriel=513(satanic)

I also caught the very end of the previous episode that had the Littleton Family too. 
Mandi struggles on Landscaper and even says it after the time is out but they still give it to her. Then after Landscaper comes up on the board she says Yes # 1. Then Steve says nope Utility Lineman was # 1. 
Mandi Littleton=60(reduced)
Landscaper=60(rev red)

When Mandi begins the round,  the Littleton family wins 84 points after stealing. 
Mandi originally gets an X as she answers Backache to the question of.."If a man was a woman what would be the hardest part about being pregnant". 
The answer they steal and win with deals with going "Tinkle" that Mandi says. 
Your Girlfriends Clothes=314(KFW)
The Feud=314(satanic)..some people refer to it as this. 
All different Ciphers but interesting as I don't see 314 very often and I've saw it a lot today in looking at this. 

I wish I could find the dates these shows aired. 

I'm also thinking about Littleton.....Columbine Shooting? 

Littleton's on Family Feud Youtube
I'm telling you for some reason I was supposed to look this up.
The 3rd family the Littleton's face and lose to is the Reischel family. This sparked something I never looked at before in regards to priests and FATHERS. 
I talked about Father Howard and Father Paul.....The only other priests I remember in my town growing up and when I still was forced to go to church were Father Fred and Father Jim. 
Father Fred REISCHL.... I have no clue what Father Jim's last name was, I just remember he liked golf...I'm gonna ask my parents as they would remember. 

I don't remember much of church back then but I know Father Fred was the priest during my first communion in 1st grade. 
I remember we called him "Friendly Father Fred"=184
There's something about 184 I've yet to uncover but I have seen it in the mix of this. Father Paul died 6 months 3 days after the Jesuit anniversary but also 184 days. 

Look at that even one of the commercials in the episode against the Reischel's is an advertisement for a TV show called "Impastor". 

The Reischel family wins the game after answering Columbus Day too. Now think about how much I have mentioned the connection to Christopher Columbus/Knights of Columbus.

Father Fred died on the 63rd day of the year. 
Now come on!
Father Paul=63 
Dies age 63 on 3+30+20+10=63
It was 6 months 3 days after the Jesuit anniversary, he was a Jesuit and died on the Jesuit Residence at Creighton. 
Father Howard removed from priesthood age 63 and the story of him molesting kids came out on 6/30. 
St. Patrick=63(h) name of church. 
Now I see Father Fred dies on the 63rd day of the year. 
Father Jim=63(h)
I even talked about my uncle dying age 63 connected to the Jesuits/Knights of Columbus. My uncle Barney was also my Sponsor when I had to get confirmed by molester Father Howard. 

I've been searching and cannot find any more info on him other than P as a middle initial. 
Frederick P. Reischl=169
He was also from Defiance, Iowa and that's where his funeral was held. 
Remember Father's day on the 169th day this year. 

Father Fred dies exactly 69 weeks before the Father Howard story comes out. Also notice it's 3 months 26 days apart. 
Notice above Father Fred also ordained on 6/9. 

While looking up more on the Diocese of Des Moines in which the Catholic Church in my town is part of.....I found out Pope John Paul II visited this Diocese on 10/4/1979. 
Father Fred died 10 months 4 days after his bday. 
Father Paul died 104 days before his bday. 
He is the only pope to visit Iowa too...
Des Moines, Iowa=61, 151
Jesus Christ=151 
Notice John Paul II died age 84. 
Karol Jozef Wojtyla=84(rev red)
Remember he replaced John Paul I who was the 33 day Pope. 
John Paul II Aka "The Pilgrim Pope"=88, 169
10/4 leaves 88 days in the year. 

John Paul II dies 187 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)
When he came to Iowa he was only with the Parishioners for 42 later dies on 4/2. 
42 generations leading up to Jesus. 
42 line Gutenberg Bibles. 
The beast rules for 42 months. 
42 the answer to the Universe
Notice it also says he read the address that appears on page 33. 
Jesus dies age 33 and so on. 
Notice the Bishop was "Maurice Dingman"=84(rev red)

Dingman became bishop on 4/2. 

The current Bishop of Diocese of Des Moines is Richard Pates. 
Richard Edmund Pates=84
Bishop Richard Pates=191
Society of Jesus=191
He was born on the 43rd day of the year 43'. 
Richard=43, 61
Pates=16, 61

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