Sunday, June 4, 2017

Derek Fisher arrested for DUI-Steve Kerr returns on Game 2

Derek Fisher suspected of DUI on 6/4/17. 
The NBA Finals=213(reverse)
He FLIPPED his car. 
Los Angeles Lakers=175
Golden State=175(reverse)

This story comes 66 days before Fisher's bday. 
Lebron James=66(red rev)

Fisher played with the Warriors after winning with the Lakers and I'm also reminded that he played for the Thunder when they lost in the Finals to Lebron James and the Miami Heat in 5 games. 

This story coming out on 6/4 is interesting as well. 
Fisher is currently 42 years old. 
42 the number around Black People.
Lebron James=42
Civil Rights=64   Lot's of 64 in regards to civil rights/racism throughout history. Lebron's house being vandalized and him being compared to Muhammad Ali...

The article also brings up the fued with Matt Barnes. 
Interesting Matt Barnes bday is 153 days before Derek Fisher's. 
Derek Lamar Fisher=153
Fisher? .....I'm reminded of the 153 miraculous Catch in the Bible. 

Golden State Warriors=108
Derek Fisher=108

Barnes drove 95 miles to fight Fisher. 
Los Angeles Lakers=95(rev red)
Gloria Govan=121=Warriors

Matt Barnes=32
He signed with the Warriors on 3/2 which was 3 months 2 days ago. 
32nd prime is 131. 
He played for the Grizzlies when the fued with Fisher happened. 
The Cavs won after the Fued though. 

The Fight was 243 days before the 2016 Finals began. 
Golden State Warriors=243
103 was a big number connected to the Cavs last year too. 
Cavs won on 103rd game of season. James McAdoo's bday was on 1/4 which was 103 days after 9/23. That same day the Cavs beat the Raptors becoming 23-9. 
Lot's of Lebron 1:03 videos on Espn. 
The High Road=103

I see Steve Kerr is going to coach tonight now as well. 
The last game he coached was on 4/19. 
The Warriors won 110-81=191
Society of Jesus=191
Kerr born on the Jesuit's anniversary 9/27. 
He last coached Game 2, now coming back for a Game 2? 
Game Two=84=Jesuit
Kerr's dad murdered in 84'. 

He's coming back on 6/4 or 4/6 exactly 46 days after the last game he coached. Also 6 weeks 4 days. 

Kerr and Fisher both 5 time NBA Champions....


  1. I saw on Zachs channel that 22 is a big number in this series, idk if it is, but before the number 22 came to mind, i was wondering if they were gonna make Lebron more like the Peyton Manning of the league....on Feb,2 (22)2014, Peyton got destroyed by the Seahawks 43-8, humiliated. That was 30 years, 3 months, 30 days ago. Similar to a sweep and all the connections to 83 Moses Malone/Kevin Durant, and how Moses kept saying sweep, or '4, 4, 4" for the sweeps. But then I went back from this 2/2/2014 SB another 3 years, 3 months, and 30 days, that was the day (Oct 10, 2010) OJ Simpson got convicted, with a 33 year sentence, 13 yrs to the day he was acquited of murder. Prolly nothing, just that the Peyton Manning SB came to my mind before the numbers, and I do see a possible sweep here. Thanks for the great work!

    1. 30 years, 3 months , 30 days from the start of the finals on 6/1/ it was 6 years, 6 months, and 60 days (8 months i suppose) from OJ Conviction to 6/1/2017 start of finals

  2. Hey Freaks... Were you the guy that said if someone shot 8 for 23 that team wins the champoinship? Kyrie Irving was 8 for 23 tonight.