Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Footage of Philando Castile shooting car parked on opposite side of the road as the original.

Original Video the cop on the right side of the car. 

Maybe I'm getting mixed up but I don't think this new footage of the Philando Castile shooting makes sense. I'm pretty sure I'm right though. 
In the new footage it clearly shows the cop on the left side of the car parked on the Right side of the road. 
In the old footage the girl was sitting on the left side and even when she gets out of her door she is on the sidewalk...meaning the sidewalk is on the left side of the car while the car is facing forward. 
 Look at the new footage again. The sidewalk is clearly on the Right side of the car while the car is facing forward. 

Something just doesn't make sense in these photo's to me? In the cop picture you can see the red building to the left and across the street. You can also see that building in the original video across the street but it's backwards. 
If she was sitting by the sidewalk in the cop footage and they were parked like that, the camera would go to the RIGHT to see that building, yet in the actual footage she goes to the Left to see that building. 

He obviously gets shot in the right arm that is facing the cop yet that wouldn't make sense as the cop footage shows it would be his left facing the cop....The sidewalk would be to her left yet in the cop video it is to the right. 

Regardless if this is just some mirror thing because of the video I have no doubt it's part of the Reverse theme. 


  1. She used her front camera on her phone, and when you use the front camera it's mirrored so everything is flipped. It tripped me out originally also because I wondered why the steering wheel was on the right side. Here's the original video as it would've been had she used her back camera on her phone: http://deturl.com/mirror-flip.asp?v=zdPcuF3MRBk

    1. Thanks now that I look more I see the non reversed video in the mainstream media as well. I also see the mirrored version, so interesting they had both versions of the video going around.