Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Another coded comment on the Zoloft Commercial Video-Other occurrences while looking it up.

I just looked at my phone as I was pulling into the driveway after work. I noticed I had a notification in regards to this old Zoloft comment again. 
Zoloft Commerical Post 6/1/2017
I remembered in the post above I talked about how that Youtube video came out on 3/12 a number I have mentioned. Anyway just as I read the notification I look up and see the address number on my neighbors's of course 312....
I don't know exactly how addresses go but on my street the neighbor to the left is 302, mine is 306 and the neighbor to the right is 312. It seems odd as at my parents house it's 901 then 903, 905 and on the other side of the street it's 902, 904, and so on. You would think mine would go 302, 304, 306? 

The 312 neighbor is "Wanda Martin"=71(red rev)
I mentioned in the previous post 3/12 is the 71st day..."Catholic"=71
The 302 neighbor everyone calls "Bump"=312(sumerian)
I honestly don't even know his real full name lol. 

Even in his brother Bob's obituary they call him "Bump" and not his real name. 

This is why it's interesting...
James Davidson=136
I prescribe smoking more weed=136
I'm talking about how all of these coincidences are ramped up in the past year a lot. Almost as if all my actions are subliminally planned and I'm catching on to the pattern. This guy updates today a video playlist he has called "Do we have Free Will?". 

Today is 94 days after 3/12. 

I'm still working on a post I started last night that's a lot to do with 94. I even mentioned in the beginning of the post how this story just keeps coming up on the sidebar almost as if I'm supposed to look into it. 

So anyway as I'm sitting here thinking about Free will and watching some of the videos in that playlist I went to Facebook while listening. For some reason I was drawn to this Judge Judy video someone posted. 
Judge Judy Facebook Video
Judge Judy=136
James Davidson=136
I prescribe smoking more weed=136
In this video at about the 3:20 mark the lady said, "She did it on her Own Free Will" in regards to a girl who died wrecking her car. 
What are the odds? 
I also was drawn to this video 35 minutes after it was posted on Facebook. "Judge Judy"=35

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