Sunday, June 4, 2017

Gorilla cracks glass at Henry Doorly Zoo in 2015- 38-more Barbados/Bridge-Rihanna

I was watching Ridiculousness and they showed the clip of the Gorilla breaking the glass at the Henry Doorly Zoo. It made me want to look at the story as I've been to this zoo multiple times in the past few years. 

The guy who got it on camera was Kevin Cave. 
Kevin Cave=38
Henry Doorly Zoo=163(reverse)
163 the 38th prime number. 

The Gorilla's name Kijito. 

Interesting Henry Doorly is from Bridgetown, Barbados in Saint Michael Parish. This is where Rihanna is from as well, and I just posted about her. 
No joke I was going to post something about the London Bridge last night too.  I didn't as I didn't think it made sense to the rest of the post about Rihanna. I was just going to mention the Ben Franklin Bridge/London Bridge. Now today we get a story of the London Bridge, just crazy. 
Ben Franklin born on 1/17. 
Benjamin Franklin=117(e)
There was a lot of Bridge stuff going on last fall I was talking about Teddy Bridgewater-The Franklin Bridgewater shooting(Moneta, VA).  I've also mentioned the Mormons and the Mormon Bridge in Omaha. Jeff Bridges-(Big Lebowski)-I swear I had something about Bridgeport, CT/Nascar/Iron man too but can't find it now. 

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  1. Dan, check this out, So Albert Pujols hit his 600th career home run, on a grand slam last night, look who ESPN reported "Scott Steffel" caught the ball.

    Scott Steffel = 42/66/150/174
    Albert Pujols = 43/74/151/173