Saturday, June 3, 2017

More Rihanna-Archangel Michael 312-The Simpsons-South Park 312

I was looking back through some of my Rihanna notes and I noticed I mentioned how she was born in Saint Michael Parish of Barbado's. 
Isn't that interesting in regards to the other night and my post about Molesting Priests and the Parish Center? In Barbados they don't have states they have Parishes. 
I mentioned how it's alphabetically the 8th Parish and also has a population of 88,529(88). 
Rihanna born in 88. 
Robyn Rihanna Fenty=88(rev red)

I have been mentioning a lot in regards to the Angel Gabriel but Saint Michael is interesting as that is the Angel Michael as well. 
Archangel Michael=312(reverse)
Rihanna's bday was 3 months 12 days before Game 1 of the Finals. 
See my previous posts on 312....that's amazing stuff.

Saint Michael= 51, 114
Michael=33, 51
I just find this interesting in regards to Lebron James who is lately really been compared to Michael Jordan. 
Lebron James=51, 114
Lebron=33(rev red)
James=33(rev red)

Michael also mentioned in the Book of Daniel. 
Interesting Daniel 12:1 is where it says Daniel is informed Michael will arise in the Time of the End. 
Daniel Behrendt=121
As I was typing this up and notice this I kept seeing my blanket on the bed move and it was freaking me out. It turned out to be my cat named Cuddles. 
Cuddles=121(reverse) also 326(Jewish)
Michael also mentioned in Revelation where he defeats Satan. 
War in Heaven=120
Archangel Michael=120

In Jude some interpret Verse 9 as being an allusion to Zechariah 3:1-2....312? 

Michael's feast day celebrated on 9/29 which is also Kevin Durant's bday. (Rihanna)

Possibly nothing but as I'm sitting here thinking about Michael the first thing that comes to mind is the film "Michael" with John Travolta. This is interesting as the other night the Simpsons episode I was referring too was a spoof on the movie "Face Off" with Travolta and Cage. 
Sideshow Bob=121

The 312th episode of The Simpsons even starts out with Marge not wanting Bart to watch South Park. Lol this is what started the chain of events in regards to the child molesting priests the other night. I turned it to South Park after the Simpsons Episode as a quick joke because I knew for 1 my daughter doesn't like it,  and for 2 South Park has a lot of things that a 6 year old shouldn't be watching. 
The Bart of War....War in Heaven? Who knows. 
The last episode of South Park that came out before this episode was called "Red Man's Greed". So also interesting both episodes have a native american theme. 
Native American=63, 135
South Park doesn't have a 312 episode but interesting Season 3 episode 12 came out on my 17th birthday. 

Ha and I just watched the Simpsons episode "Bart of War". Bart says he can't believe how South Park keeps it fresh after only 43 episodes.....Look at that Season 3 episode 12 is also the 43rd episode of South Park. 

Marge then turns the channel to Pax-TV and says they are going to watch a TV show about the "Every day problems of Angels".  How interesting in regards to Michael/Gabriel. 
Pax-TV=312(reverse sumerian...I've never used that form before). 

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