Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dwight Howard on Espn before Game 3 of the Finals. John Glenn-Pi

I turned on Espn and they have Dwight Howard on the pre game show. They even mentioned how most players don't want to go to the Finals and watch without being in them. 
Anyway it's interesting as Dwight Howard turned 31 years old the same day John Glenn died. I mentioned him before in regards to Kobe Bryant tearing his achilles/Isaiah Thomas/Houston Rockets...

I also mentioned how the Nuggets were originally the Denver Rockets....Dwight Howard trade to Lakers involved the Nuggets....George Karl(Nuggets/Sonics/Durant)-Javale McGee a former Nugget-Nene a Former Nugget. 

I also mentioned how Howard played for the Hawks and the Hawks traded Kyle Korver to the Cavs this year. It was 69 days before Korver's bday. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Atlanta=69  also 314(satanic)
Sixty Nine=49, 139
Kevin Durant=49, 139...."Warriors"=49
Ultimate Warrior=203......Houston Rockets=203 
How did I not see that before? 

Korver was connected to the death of my uncle as well as he was traded 168 days after my uncles bday.  
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
My uncle died on 1/14 at Creighton(Jesuit) where Korver went to college. 
Creighton beat Truman state that day 101-69....
Lebron James=114
In regards to all the 35 stuff I just realized Korver was 35 years old at the time of the trade as well. 

Howard only went to the Finals 1 time. He lost 4-1 to the Lakers when he played for the Magic. 

The only other time the Magic were in the Finals was in 1995 when they got Swept by the Rockets. 


  1. Strange how Orlando had a shooting I think the day of Game 1, now some Magic connections with Howard, they keep comparing LeBron and Magic Johnson, Pat Riley even said that Johnson is the GOAT in basketball, not LeBron or Jordan, and the commercials for the finals even had David Blaine doing Magic with Magnets and Basketballs. Who knows what it means, but Magic is all over this series.

  2. Black Magic=35

    Not even bringing up the Witches of Kardashia.

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