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Death of Adam West-Trump is Batman-Lebron Batman Mask 2014-Batman Theater Shooting on same day as Moon Landing-Delonte and David West-Simpsons Family Guy-Father's Day

So Adam West(Batman) dies age 88 on 6/9. 
3 thoughts in my head instantly with this. 

Yesterday at work my boss gave me this Batman Pin to wear on my shirt. We wore these Batman pins just as a stupid joke that they looked cool. I also wore it again today. So interesting he dies just before this Lego Batman film is released on Blu-Ray and something in regards to Batman would happen in my life the same day Batman dies. 
The Lego Batman Movie=187
Society of Jesus=187
Batman-Batgirl-Robin....who knows reminds me of the movie Batman and Robin that was the first and only live action film with Batgirl in it. That movie also had Arnold Swarzanegger which reminds me of Trump-The Apprentice- I will get to this as Trump is the 3rd thing that I'm going to mention. Remember Batgirl(Yvonne Craig) died the same week Donald Trump said he was Batman. 

Craig died on 8/17/15 which interesting it's 69 days after 6/9. Now Batman dies on 6/9. 
Batman and Robin=88(red rev)
Arnold Swarzenegger=923(satanic)...Now 1 of 3 people I know that equal 923...I'll explain in a bit.
Kiefer Sutherland=923(english)
Lebron James=923(jewish)

Also Swarzenegger is currently 69 years old. 

I also just recently have been talking about a lot of Priest/Jesuit stuff. It was because of the Michael Keaton movie "Spotlight". Keaton the original Tim Burton Batman.  The chain of events that night involved the Simpsons episode that had the chalkboard gag about Batman too. 

The third thing I'm reminded of is Donald Trump. 
Adam West dies age 88. 
Remember Trump said "I am Batman" in August 2015. The same weekend Batgirl died, a guy who dressed as Batman and went to hospitals died. Morgan Freeman's Granddaughter died in August and the Fox news picture was them at the Batman premiere. James Holmes the Batman shooter was sentenced August 24th, 2015 as well. We also got the 2 Theater shootings around this time too. "Trainwreck on 7/23 and Antioch of 8/5. 
July 23rd(Julian) also 8/5(Gregorian) in 2015. 

In November 2015 we got the story of the Batmobile creator George Barris dying. 
We also got a story of a boy with a Batman shirt who was blessed by Pope Francis on 9/26/15 died 70 days later. 
Landon Vargas=70(red rev)
Trump was also 69 years old at the time of him saying this. Now Batman dies on 6/9. 
It was August 15th 2015 the day that leaves 138 in the year. 
Donald Trump=138
Batman Coding in 2015
Focus Film and Batman Boy meets Pope pt 1
Focus Film and Batman Boy Meets Pope Pt 2

Adam West got his start in the Film "Geronimo" which I mentioned was significant back around Super Bowl 51. 
He played opposite of Chuck Connors(Geronimo). 
Chuch Connors also the Dad on "Flipper". 
Notice the film came out on 5/1. 
Geronimo was code name for Osama Bin Laden during Operation Neptune Spear. Bin Laden died on 5/1 in the United States. (Obama told us at 11:30 ET). 
Trump said he was Batman in a Helicopter. 
Helicopter=51(rev red) and 111
Batman=51 and 111(reverse)
In Regards to "The NBA Finals"=111

It reminds me of 2014 when Lebron wore the Batman mask. They lost 4 to 1 to the Spurs in the Finals that year too. 
Lebron broke his nose against Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder on the 51st day of of 2014. Then wore the mask against the Knicks on the 58th day(2/27). 
They beat the Knicks 108-82. 
Golden State Warriors=108...."Oakland"=58 
Lebron scored 31 points too. "Oakland"=31  
Is West a reference to the Western Conference? 
Also he dies on 6/9 which was Game 4 of the Finals. 
Game Four=130(reverse)
Adam West=130(reverse)
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
2/27.....227 is the 49th prime number. 
Adam West=49(red rev)

The Heat lost to the Spurs in Game 5 of the 2014 Finals. It was 108 days after Lebron wearing the Batman mask and Heat scoring 108 points against the Knicks. 
Is this telling us Cavs are losing in 5 this year too? 
They were pointing to the 2/20 date with Rihanna too as she was born on 2/20. Later I mention the 2012 Batman shooting. 
Batman Shooting=220(reverse)
The shooting happened 220 days after James Holmes bday. 

Also in my video above I mention the film Trainwreck with Lebron James. 
Golden State=122
In the film Amy Schumer's character is 9 years old in the opening scene and rest of the movie is 23 years later. 
Lebron James=923(Jewish) 
This was the year Pope Francis visited the White House at 9:23am on 9/23 and came to America on his 923rd day as Pope. 
Anyway think about how they brought back the movie theater shootings with this film. The previous major story was the Batman Shooting. Lebron James wears the Batman mask against the Knicks, and is in a film connected to the Batman shooting. Trainwreck is also all about the New York Knicks, the team Lebron wore his Batman mask against.  
Lebron James=51=Cleveland=Batman and so on.....
There was a lot of Train symbolism in 2015 as well. The Philadelphia trainwreck happened at 9:23pm. Engine number 601 going 106 mph.  10/6(Gregorian) is the same as 9/23(Julian). The Thalys train attack with the guy from Roseburg, Oregon. Then we got the Roseburg, Oregon shooting. There has to be some type of connection to the 2017 story of the 3 heroes in Oregon stabbing on the Train. 
Also 2015 was the year Back to the Future goes to and ends the day the Royals won the World series in 1985. The Film ends with Doc Brown arriving in the Train Time Machine. 
2015 was also when mainstream media had programmed people to call Donald Trump a "Trainwreck".  

Lebron breaks his nose when the Heat had 88 points. He scored the 90th point as Serge Ibaka broke his nose...
Lebron wore # 6 for the Heat...Ibaka # 9.   69 or 96.  
Oklahoma City Thunder=88
LeBron Breaks Nose Video
Go watch that video lol. Ibaka barely even touches him on both of the hits to the face and he somehow breaks his nose? 

Adam West dies 51 years after becoming Batman on 1/12/1966. 

The Final episode of Batman came out on Pi Day 1968. 
Pi day to 6/9 is 88 days....He dies age 88. 

In regards to "Trump"=88, I wonder if West dying on his 4th month 20th day as president is part of the Riddle. Pun intended...The Riddler/Jim Carrey. 
Four Hundred Twenty=88
Green=49 and 86(reverse)...weed....Draymond..
Adam West=49(rev red) and 86. 

Batman Forever premiered on 6/9...1995. 
Jim Carrey was in "Batman Forever"=140 
Val Kilmer=140(reverse)

West also dies 103 days(end date) before his 89th bday on September 19th. 
9/19 leaves 103 days in the year. 
Dark Knight=49, 103
Val Kilmer=103
The Riddler=103
Lebron breaks his nose against OKC and the Heat win scoring 103 points. 
A lot of my old videos talk about about 9/19/Queen Elizabeth/Pope Francis. 
Also the death of Nancy Reagan was important to this coding. 
Nancy Reagan=103, also 618(sumerian) and 618(jewish)
Six Hundred Eighteen=199 and 919(Jewish). Reminds us of September 19th..19/9 or 9/19. 
Think about 618 in regards to the possible Game 7 and Father's Day. 
Anything 103 simple is 618(sumerian)
Batman and Robin=618(satanic). 
Nancy Reagan died 262 days after 6/18....9/19 the 262nd day. 
William Anderson=169-Adam West's real name. 
I am Batman=169(reverse)
Father's Day the 169th day on 6/18. 
Youtube Agents-Nancy Reagan death-Lakers beat Warriors
Youtube showing me stuff by copyright claims playlist-9/19 Queen Elizabeth and more

Also in regards to NBA I'm thinking about Warriors player David WEST. 
Middle name "Moorer"...Moors/Flat Earth/Columbus...Western World. 
David Moorer West=88(rev red) and 191
Society of Jesus=191

Adam West dies 81 days(pope Francis/Jesuit) and also 2 months 20 days before David West's bday. 
West went to college at Xavier a Jesuit School. 
6/9 was David West's 84th game of the season. 
Trump (Batman) and Pence(Robin)? 
Mike Pence=81....
Batman and Robin=88(rev red) also 618(satanic)
Mike Pence from COLUMBUS, Indiana. 
Batgirl Yvonne Craig grew up in Columbus, Ohio. 

I'm also thinking about the Delonte West rumor in 2010 that he had sex with Lebron's mom. The Cavs were up 2-1 on the Celtics and then on 5/9(game 4) Lebron started playing bad and the Cavs lost the series. Notice Game 4 was 78 days before West's bday. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=78
Lebron left the Cavs after that season as well. 
West also played for the Supersonics during Kevin Durant's rookie season. 
His bday of 7/26 is interesting as West dies 726 days after Trump turned 69 years old. 

In the old video I posted about Ben Affleck being Batman as well. He was born the same day Trump said he was Batman on 8/15. 
I talked about the Sum of All Fears-Russia vs USA and what not. 
Anyway I noticed "Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt"=444(reverse)
It reminds me of all these 4:44 ads....
Also "Masonic"=444=Jesus and so on...
Lebron James born 3 months 3 days after the 444th anniversary of the Jesuits in 84'. "Jesuit"=84

Walla Walla Washington=312(reverse)

West on 2 episodes of the Simpsons.. It's episode 68(season 4 episode 9)...."Adam West"=49(rev red)
The other episode is #295(season 14 episode 4). 
That means he was on the Simpsons 227 episodes apart too. The 49th prime and so on... "The Simpsons"=49

The Simpsons currently have 618 episodes. 

Cannot forget the Space theme I've been mentioning as well. The Batman Theater shooting happened on 7/20 which was the 43rd anniversary of the moon landing.  The Moon landing in 69'. 
"Aurora"=43(red rev) and 88(reverse)
July Twentieth=69(rev red)
James Eagan Holmes=58
Suicide Squad came out on 5/8 or 8/5. 
The next Batman Film comes out on 11/17(Justice League) which is 5 months 8 days after West dies. 
It's funny the night of the Batman shooting I went to the Midnight show in Harlan, Iowa. 
Harlan=108(reverse)=Golden State Warriors
Harlan, Iowa=168(reverse)=Cleveland Cavaliers
A super fun/memorable night too. I'm not even into super hero stuff but I went with a group of friends. A ridiculous night, but it was also one of my good friends bdays. He lived in Harlan at the time, so we got hammered and then went to the midnight showing at the small theater there.  I even remember pointing out the 322 in the Football game, but of course no one had a clue what I was saying lol, nothing new under the sun there. 

Joel McCall=58(rev red) also 86
Adam West=86
Joel Eric McCall=58(reduced) and 86(rev reduced)
He's getting married on August 5th... 5/8 or 8/5 this year and a huge Spurs Fan. 
I talked about him a bit in regards to his brother being from Houston and all the Houston connections to the space theme. 
We are wearing Chuck Taylor's as shoes for his wedding even.
Chuck Taylor Shoes=203
Converse All Stars=203
Houston Rockets=203  
I rarely call him Joel though. I've always called him "Norm". 
Norm=21(rev red)
Huge fan of the "Spurs"=21, Duncan # 21, U=21 and so on. 
Norm Mccall=58(rev red) 
Christian Bale=58 and 86(rev red)
Talk about 58 connections to him lol. 
Golden State=58(rev red)
The NBA Finals began 58 days before the annivesary of Nasa which is in it's 58th year beginning in 58'. 
San Antonio=41 and 58(rev red)
6/9 is 41 days before 7/20. 
Golden State=41
Oakland=41(rev red)

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  1. That was juicy. I remembered last year they made a big deal out of the original TV cast all doing the voices of a new cartoon. It was called Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. It came out 10/6/16 and this news broke 6/10/17. Thought that was curious.

    Gooe work yet again.