Thursday, June 15, 2017

Death of Glenne Headly-John Glenn-Being John Malkovich-421, 82 and 95 connected to Pi-Trump Pope Francis-Jesuits

I keep seeing this story on CNN although this lady died on 6/8. I figured I'm supposed to look at since it won't go away on the CNN sidebar. 
First thing that stands out is the fact I've been talking a lot about a space theme. Her name GLENNE....reminds me of John Glenn. 

John Glenn died age 95 which was 95 days before her bday. 

Headly dies 9 months 5 days before her bday. 

Interesting bday and death day as well in regards to Pope Francis. 
Pope Francis became pope on her 58th bday. 
Pope Francis=68 and she dies on 6/8. 
Glenne Headly=58, 112
Remember the Jesuits anniversary is on 9/27 which leaves 95 days in the year. 
Glenne Aimee Headly=145 and 314(reverse)
Catholic=145(reverse)....314...PI    Catholic=314(english)

She dies 112 days(end date) before the Jesuit anniversary. 
Glenne Headly=112

She married John Malkovich on 8/2 of 82'. 
Glenne Aimee Headly=82
John married Glenne....John Glenn? 

Notice she also got married 4 months 21 days (end date) after her bday. 
421 is the 82nd prime number. 
Remember John Glenn died 4 months 21 days after his 95th bday too. His bday on 18/7. 
Society of Jesus=187(reverse)
Neil Armstrong died age 82. (first on moon)
Eugene Cernan died age 82. (last on moon)
Three Point one Four=82(red reverse)
Cernan's bday was PI day 3/14. 
So 82 is special to makes a lot more sense to what I've been covering since Glenn and Cernan died this year. 
4/21 is also Queen Elizabeth II's bday.....explains more why Charles was born on 11/14 the 318th day as it's connected to Backwards PI. 
April Twenty First=235
Three Point One Four=235(reverse)
John Glenn also died 144 days(end date) after his bday. 
Armstrong's death day is 144 days before Cernan's. 
If you sum the last 144 digits after the decimal of PI you get 666. 
Six Hundred Sixty Six=95
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=313....
Headly born on 3/13...Pope Francis becomes Pope on 3/13/13. 
4/21 to 8/2 is 3 months 13 days. 
Armstrong's death day to Glenn's is 3 months 13 days. 
Trump's bday to Jesuit anniversary is 3 months 13 days. 
Six hundred three score and six=146(red rev)
Trump's bday 14/6. 
Trump met Pope Francis on the 144th day of 2017. 

They also got married 129 days before Malkovich's bday on 12/9. 

Their bdays are 94 days apart. 
John Gavin Malkovich=94(rev red)
Dick Tracy=94
If you include the end date it would be 95 days as well..1 day off of John Glenn's death. 

I've never watched this film, but for some reason it's the first thing that really stands out in regards to John Malkovich to me. 
Notice it's 112 minutes long...
Glenne Headly=112
Being John Malkovich=308(reverse)
John Herschel Glenn Jr=308(reverse)

I noticed this was also the time the clock stopped when David West got the technical foul in game 5. It was 3:08. 
Three Hundred Eight=82(red rev)

Got a lot of movies to re-watch or actually watch for clues. 
I'll post more if I get to watching these films. 

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