Monday, June 5, 2017

More Thoughts about recent themes I've noticed-Father's Day-Fire-Nasa

After last night with American DAD, I started thinking about this puzzle. Today I turned on the TV and I saw that American Dad was on.  It was episode called "Wife Insurance". I turned it on just at a part where a priest was at the front door talking to Francine....
I was getting shown Priests in previous posts'.....Priests...Fathers/DAD. 
I used to post stuff on Facebook every Father's day about Catholic Priests. 
So I wonder if it's pointing me to Fathers Day? 
I remember Zach talking about Fathers Day as well. 
Lebron winning on King James bday but it was also Father's Day. 

A big topic in regards to 11 last night was about Klay Thompson. 
Klay Thompson=169
Father's Day falls on the 169th day this year, which if the series goes 7 games would end on that day as well. 

Father=31, 58
Oakland=31, 58
Remember the NBA Finals began this year 58 days before the Anniversary of Nasa too. Nasa began in 58' and is currently 58 years old. 
Some other thoughts....
Golden Gate Bridge=135
The Key of David=135
The Ghost Ship Fire connected to the "Great Chicago Fire"=135
We just got a story today about the owner getting charged with manslaughter too. 
It's funny as when I first noticed a lot of what is connected to Gabriel it involved the Canadian Wildfires smoke that reached Iowa. 
Lot's of fire symbolism in the past year or so. (Book of Joel-Dolly Parton-The Apprentice-You're fired) Even the new Pepsi product out called "Pepsi Fire". 

Oakland California=313(reverse)
3/13 the day Pope Francis began as Pope. 
Six Hundred Three Score and Six=313
Pope Francis=122, and 175(reverse)
Golden State=122, and 175(reverse)
San Francisco and Pope Francis both named after St. Francis of Assisi. 

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