Monday, November 30, 2020

Steelers were originally the Pirates in relation to the Pirate Bowl/Pirate Narrative- Buffalo Bills-James Earl Jones-Field of Dreams-Death of Darth Vader Actor


I'm looking at the Steelers again and I see they were originally called the Pirates like their baseball team....

Recall how the Tiger narrative is important to Tampa Bay/Raiders....also the Go Fund Me episode was important to the Tampa Bay/Raiders.....The Pirate Bowl...the Gruden Bowl...

Then the Toronto Blue Jays were originally going to play their games in Pittsburgh, but then changed it to Buffalo....they then opened the season against the Tampa Bay Rays who went on to the World Series....

Buffalo=36, 63


The last time the Steelers won the SB was in Tampa Bay..

In light of Wiki changing reminds me that they changed the release date of Field of Dreams earlier this year to 5/5 instead of 4/21....I took this screenshot a week ago and forgot to blog about it too....I was seeing stuff with Kevin Costner such as a story about the film "Dances With Wolves"...also James Earl Jones was in "The Hunt For Red October" with Sean Connery so I wondered if he would be the next guy to die.....we now have the death of the actor who played Darth Vader(Voice of James Earl Jones).....I've mentioned this connection with Field of Dreams before with the death of the wrestler Vader too.....

Field of Dreams=63

Another time Wikipedia changed something was Corey Taylor's name...I changed his name and wikipedia changed it back even though I cited a source....but I did this after Corey Taylor was wearing a "Star Wars" shirt talking crap on Kanye West...This narrative was synced to Queen Elizabeth II.....Field of Dreams came out on 4/21(Queen Elizabeth II's bday)...


  1. James Earl Jones = 1617 Jewish
    Anakin Skywalker = 1617 Jewish

    James Earl Jones also in another probably even more popular baseball film the Sandlot

  2. You actually understand how to bring a concern to light and make piratebays proxy important.

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