Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Native American stories same day Meghan Markle announces miscarriage


Native American/Indigenous stories the day before Thanksgiving lol...
Notice the story of Meghan Markle's miscarriage as well...recall that everything Trump called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas we got stories of Harry and Meghan....I don't see the full meaning but I guarantee that's why we got these stories on the same day...
Meghan Markle=54 and 63
Indigenous=54 and 63
Native American=63

This is interesting to me because today is the bday of Henrietta Maria as well...
Henrietta Maria=194
King Charles I=194

Prince Harry=63 and 72
Today is 72 days after Harrys bday..
He is 36 years leaves 36 days in the year and is 36 weeks before Meghan Markles bday..
Princess Diana died age 36 in Paris..
Paris=36, 63, 72

Meghan Duchess of Sussex=312
Prince Harry=187(FB)
Archie born on 5/6..

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