Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Enemy of the State(Film) predictive progamming of 9/11 and Patriot Act-224

So I got the free trial of HBO Max so I could watch the Fresh Prince Reunion the other day....A few days ago I got a notification on my phone from the App to watch the film "Enemy of the State"...it's the only notification I have got from the App and I just left it and didn't delete it....Today I saw that I still had it on my phone and when I got off work I figured I would watch the film again....I figured there was probably an all seeing eye or something that I had never noticed before or something of the sort....

The Plot of the film is pretty much about the NSA taking away our liberties by spying on us with technology and so forth, reminding us of the Patriot Act after 9/11 and so on...In the film they are also trying to pass an act similar to the Patriot Act too..

Would you believe that the head guy trying to get this law passed and using technology for spying was born on 9/11? 

Thomas Brian Reynolds=110

Osama bin Laden=110

I also find it funny that Will Smith's character is a lawyer who went to school at Jesuit Georgetown too. 

Enemy of the State=224 

The Fresh Prince=224

What are the odds? The big number I have been talking about like crazy...I didn't even realize this until right now haha. 

HBO Max=194(FB)

The Pentagon was also founded on 9/11/41...

The Pentagon=224(FB) and 416(Jewish)

Very interesting considering I've mentioned 416 lately too...

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  1. Enemy of the State released on Biden's 56th birthday. He and Kamala are exactly 263 months apart the 56th prime. Kamala is 56. Rockefeller = 56, 110. 26/3 is a date 3/26. JFK dead on 326th day. KBB 1122 dead 326 days after Shaq's 47th birthday and 326 days before Francis's 84th birthday. Jesuit = 84. Kobe was 2161 weeks old when be died the 326th prime number. Ohio just added the 326 area code this year. 326 is the hebrew gematria value for the "pentagrammaton" the 5 letter hebrew word for Jesus. 78 gets the Jesuit connection. 3x26=78