Sunday, November 8, 2020

Alex Trebek dead and the connections to my Sean Connery/James Bond post-Wikipedia Error and Kamala Harris


I knew when Sean Connery died that Alex Trebek was important, now Alex Trebek is dead on 11/8 from cancer? 
His Final episode will be aired on Christmas a span of 1 month 18 days after today. 

The Alex Trebek series of Jeopardy began in 84' and is set to have the series finale on 11/20/2020....This is interesting considering the election just happened and 11/20 is Biden's bday...
Notice how Trebek died on the 110th day of his age too...
It's also interesting he died 3 months 18 days after his bday..Remember how Jeopardy was important to my uncle Barney, who was also important to the number 318..
Christmas=110 and 219(FB)
Alex Trebek=219(FB)

Trebek also died a span of 56 days after the 37th season of Jeopardy began...think how Jeopardy began in 84'...
Jesuit=84 and 78
Society of Jesus=56
11/20/2020 will be Biden's 78th bday..

What else I find interesting is that in my post about Sean Connery and Alex Trebek I mentioned the importance of the number 164....

Kamala Harris=164(FB) and 264(FB)

Sean Connery=164 and 264(FB)

James Bond=164(FB)

Daniel Craig=164(FB)

Pierce Brosnan=264(FB)

Roger George Moore=264(FB)

These are the James Bonds I mentioned in my old posts about James Bond....

Kamala Harris=86


Recall that I've mentioned the date 8/6/2022 being important to the Moon and Tisha B'Av too....I only mention this because Alex Trebek was contracted to the year 2022 with Jeopardy...The year of the Tiger and so on...

8/6 is also interesting because it's 94 days before 11/8...


Think about Kamala being from the San Francisco Bay too which was important to Tisha B'Av and 8/11 and today is 11/8 too. Kamala became the VP candidate on 8/11/2020. 

So as I'm writing this, I am thinking that something doesnt make sense...Jeopardy doesn't usually have a series finale in November...I then started researching and went back to the Wikipedia page and that part is now gone....So someone vandalized the page to say that, which is a very odd thing to write....this is how I know I was supposed to see it's seemingly pointless, but it was actually perfect for my thoughts on it...

Wiki also mentions the Golden Girls episode with Rose and Charlie and Jeopardy...

Remember last year when I was talking about Saturday Night Live being important to this too with the show "Cheers" was then important to Titus/Mount Vesuvius/2nd Temple/Kentucky Derby......Notice the Woody Harrelson's girlfriend on White Men Can't Jump is actress ROSIE Perez..This is also important to why I think 8/6/2022 is an important date. 

It also mentions Weird Al, and he was important to the band Goldfinger and why I documented about Sean Connery earlier this year. 

Looking at the other James Bonds...this guy stands out....He has all of the Charles Manson numbers...194, 282, 416..261, 209 and more..

Jeopardy James=194(FB), 209, 416(FB) and more

It's interesting because in 2019 a good day lined up for Trebek to die was 4/16 too. 

Charles Manson=194(FB), 209, 416(FB)

Sean Connery dead 209 days after Pussy Galore...

Thomas Sean Connery=209

I need to think more on it, because I know there is some type of connection to my Mandela Effect/Duck/Horse stuff that was all important to Tisha B'Av in 2019...

Golf...."The Masters"=194(FB) and 282(FB) begins on Charles Manson's bday of 11/12...

Golf=94(FB), 40

Jeopardy=40, 94


  1. Alex Trebek = 103 ordinal just like "Mercury"
    Tody is exactly 41 weeks after Kobe Bryant died. "Mercury" = 41
    It's also the 313th day. 313 the 65th prime. "Pandemic" = 65
    Franics became Pope on 3/13. Trump declared national emergency on 3/13

  2. SNL...

    Suck it Trebek...
    Said by "Sean Connery"

  3. Died 59 days after the original air date on 59 date num. Original air date 10/9. 109 days after his birthday. Jeopardize =109 ordinal. Jeopardized =59 reduced.

  4. Alex Trebek also born under the sign of Cancer with Mercury at 118° of the ecliptic. Today Mercury was at 208°. That's a difference of 90° also known as a square. Born on 88 date numerology. Mercury has an 88 day orbital period and the magic square of Mercury is an 8x8 with the sum being 2080 (208).