Thursday, November 26, 2020

Penguins take over Soldier Field in Chicago-Danny DeVito and the film Matilda

 What is the riddle with these Penguin stories? Remember around the time Kelly Preston(Twins) died I talked about Penguins going to the Chicago Field Museum and Danny DeVito(Penguin/Twins)...Possibly showing us Pittsburgh where the NHL hocket Team Penguins play? 

In relation to Danny DeVito my daughter recently told me she loves the movie "Matilda" that has Danny DeVito...I was then at work yesterday and the song by Rusted Root that is on Matilda came on...the girl I work with started telling me how this song is on Matilda and what not that I had no idea lol....

Matilda Wormwood=186

Penguin(Batman) had the UMBRELLA gun...

Harold Wormwood=194

Matilda....CHARLIE and the Chocolate Factory/Johnny Depp/Pirates/Umbrella....

Danny DeVito=164(FB)

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