Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Death of Alex Trebek and the death of my Aunt Betty on 2/5/2020-Miami Dolphins-Baltimore Ravens-Charles Manson-Pope Benedict XVI-Batman


I was looking back at my old posts before my Uncle Barney died in relation to the Miami Dolphins/Jeopardy stuff....I mentioned the Steelers because Ben Roethlisberger played college at Miami, Ohio......Interesting the last time they won the Super Bowl was in Tampa Bay over the CARDINALS....The Dolphins just beat the Cardinals on the same day Alex Trebek died...

What I wonder about the Steelers though is the fact that Hines Ward was in the Batman film in 2012....Then the Ravens won the Super Bowl synced to Pope Francis and the Batman shooting.....the Ravens are the Blackbird...synced to Charles Manson...

Hines Ward=282(FB), 194(FB), 52, 142

Miami Dolphins=282(FB), 194(FB), 142

The Charles Manson numbers...

What else I find super interesting is that....

Miami Dolphins=416(FB)

Charles Manson=416(FB)

I thought that Alex Trebek might possibly die on 4/16/2019...

My aunt Betty(Barney's wife) died on 2/5/2020 and I mentioned a ton about the number 416....For example her daughter who died before I was born had a birthday on 4/16...Betty also died 4 months 16 days after her own bday on 20/9....(Charles Manson=209/Sean Connery stuff)..."Miami Dolphins"=209

Hines Ward=416(Satanic)

Remember Barney also went and saw Pope Benedict XVI in Washington....Benedict's bday is 4/16....my Uncle Mike died 4 months 16 days before the Jesuit anniversary, which was the same day as the Philadelphia Trainwreck....I have a post where I have shown that whole side of my family dying in relation to the Jesuits.....Wouldn't that be something if the Ravens would win the Super Bowl again and Pope Benedict died? Similar to 2012 when he resigned? Just a thought...

Betty died a span of 9 months 4 days before Trebek..


All I know is that more often than not, a team that makes or wins the championship is not the team I follow like crazy....it's always a team that is related to the team showing me syncs..I've also noticed that in Football the early narrative is usually the most important one, and this year it's all about Charles Manson, which makes me think about the Ravens...they also put a lot of emphasis on the Falcons choking this year reminding me of this narrative...Plus Michigan sucking....John Harbaugh/Jim Harbaugh 2012/Batman/Pope/Catholic.....We will see how it plays out I guess and what else I learn in the coming months...

Super Bowl=164(FB)

Super Bowl LV=132

Catholic Church=132

Pope Francis' bday is 52 days before SB 55...



Charles Manson=52

Helter Skelter Theory=264

Ha! how did I not see that 264 until now? 

Ravens=165(FB) and 38

Super Bowl LV=165(Held on the 38th day of 2021)

It's also the 51st modern era Super Bowl, so it makes sense in regards to my uncle who was important to Super Bowl 51..

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