Sunday, November 15, 2020

Dustin Johnson wins the Masters and Tiger Chokes on the 12th Hole


Tiger Woods collapses on the 12th Hole and finishes with a 76 today? 
Tiger=59 and 76
Notice he kept hitting the ball in "Rae's Creek"..
Rae's Creek=59

He got a 10 on the 12th hole too....It's just interesting considering I've mentioned the importance of 1012 again...Also because Dustin Johnson won....recall he was the guy who won the Traveler's tournament and the synchronicity I had earlier this also involved Brendon Todd who was born on 7/22...or Alex Trebek's bday...
Dustin Johnson won the Traveler's tournament a span of 4 months 16 days before the Masters began on Charles Manson's bday...
Charles Manson=416(FB)

The synchronicity with the Traveler's tournament was also synced to Pittsburgh...

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