Sunday, November 29, 2020

Kayla's video about Wikipedia changing Matt LaFleur's bday the first thing on my Facebook page-Native American/Thanksgiving Narrative-36-224-South Park Go Fund Me


I just went to Facebook and the first post I saw was of kayla decode talkers video about Wikipedia changing Matt LaFleur's bday from 11/14 to 11/3....
I looked at the history of his Wikipedia and found that it was changed to 11/14 on 3/24/2017....

Notice that 3/24 is 224 days before 11/3...
11/14 to Super Bowl LV is also 2 months 24 days. Or also 85 days. 
Football=83...3/24 is the 83rd day...
National Football League=85
Today is 8 months 5 days after 3/24. 
Gematria Mafia=85

I also find it interesting that Matt LaFleur was the Redskins Quarterback coach when Kirk Cousins and Robert Griffin III were rookie QB's....Recall they are important to the Redskins changing their name and South Park....also think how Kayla is a native american(Navajo). 

I just made the video about the royal family...Trump talking to the Navajo code talkers and calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas...
Navajo code talkers..Kayla Decode Talker...

I also mentioned how the Packers were possibly important in my videos about 224/Charles Manson/Fresh Prince/Bobby Brown Jr...

kayla decode talker=63 and 153
Native American=63 and 243
Indigenous=63 and 153
Prince Harry=63
Meghan Markle=63
So on..
It's even funnier as she commented on a post I left on Zach's video about the number 36 in relation to the above when Meghan Markle announced her miscarriage. 
Looking at Kayla's Facebook it says her bday is 1/2 as well....this means it's 36 days before SB LV too. 
Navajo=36 and 63

The first time a birthday was put on Matt LaFleur's wiki page was on 3/6..2017 too. 
Kayla's bday is 63 days before 3/6 too haha..crazy. 
Kayla's bday to 3/24 is 81 days...

Pittsburgh Steelers=243 and 81...
March 24th is also 24/3...Native American....Pittsburgh Steelers...
Matthew LaFleur=243(FB) and 165
Super Bowl LV=165
3/6 to 11/3 is a span of 243 days. 

Washington Redskins=85

Matt LaFleur is currently 41 years old...
Green Bay=41
Super Bowl=41

11/3 is also Colin Kaepernick's bday....recall that major news came after he kneeled in the game against Green Bay in 2016 and Geronimo Allison was the lead reciever.....Geronimo...Native American...Skull and Bones...

11/14 is Prince Charles bday...

I'll have to look more at her stuff. I wonder what teams she has been following for the Super Bowl and things like that..

Also, I didn't realize the Redskins/Football Team is going to play the Steelers in their next game.....
So the Redskins play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving which is the same day Lamar Jackson gets coronavirus.....then the Baltimore vs Steelers game gets moved back....and after this game Baltimore plays the Cowboys....
So Baltimore plays the Cowboys and the Steelers play the Redskins the same week after the Thanksgiving narrative. 



  1. The Martian synodic return for Pearl Harbor is December 10th. Not that we're in a situation similar to WW2 or anything. But interesting that Pearl Harbor happened on 79 date numerology and the 79th anniversary is 1 week away. Mars has a 79 year opposition cycle. It's not exact which but this time around within a mere 3 days and just so happens you will be exactly 457 calendar months old on 12/10. 88th prime. David Prowse who I'm seeing so many Mars connections with died on 79 date numerology.

    I've also picked up on Betelgeuse stuff. There was an ongoing thing between last year and this year about the star dimming.

    Betelgeuse = 101, 169
    Darth Vader = 101, 169

    The Moon was conjunct Betelgeuse when the events of 9/11 happened. I first saw it reading up on the Umbrella Academy which we found out was intertwined with Deigo Maradona's death. A character "Diego" on the show died on the exact same day as the soccer player just 57 years earlier. Moon = 57. He was exactly 743 lunar phases old which is the title of one of the Umbrella Academy episodes. But there's a character who appears as a ghost and an article refers to him as "The Ghost With the Most" which is a line of Michael Keaton's as Beetlejuice. That characters name is Ben. Obi Wan Kenobi referred to as Ben. Rambo's been talking about Ben Roethlisberger and the connection to Big Ben and their game against the Bengals on 12/21 the Great Conjunction. Betelgeuse listed as the 10th brightest star. Diego Maradona and Messi wear #10. The next Moon-Betelgeuse conjunction is December 1st when 9/11 turns 257 lunar sidereal months old. 257 the 55th prime 10th triangular & fibonacci

  2. funny was watching that 1 hr Trump speech today and he mentioned the number 324, tho i dont know why i remembered or what he was referring to, then i saw this

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