Monday, November 23, 2020

Co-worker wanted a Pretzel and The Gematria of Pepsi


I'm at work and someone wanted a pretzel, which is somewhat weird cause I don't usually make them until around the time school gets out...Anyway as I was putting the pretzel wrappers away I see this Pepsi sticker sitting on the shelf....of course it has the number 224 on it...this explains why the other day I noticed the Pepsi guys cart had the number 224 on it too...recall I noticed his cart the same time my co-worker was digging through a box with the number 224 on it too.
Anyway since it happened again with Pepsi I figured I would check the gematria...


Oh the odds lol..
Even better is my co-worker Holli is who wanted the pretzel...I don't want to blog her full name, but it sums to 264(FB)..
According to the sticker the truck drivers name is Paul Black...
Paul Black=164

These 3 numbers seem to have a relationship, but I just don't get why they keep showing up together?

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