Monday, November 16, 2020

Iowa passes mask mandate effective on Terry Branstad's 74th bday


Iowa is finally announcing a mask mandate..great..I have not wore a mask, used sanitizer or anything else since it began until this week when my boss made it mandatory...I also work at a gas station where I see people from all over everyday and somehow I have not got the highly contagious virus since it girlfriend works at a nursing home where countless people supposedly have it and she has never got it either...I do know people that they have said died from it, but only 1 of them was under 70 years old...according to the stats in the county I live in...5 percent of people are getting it and 1 percent of that 5 are dying.. this shit is a joke...and I'm probably gonna get it now that I have to wear a mask. Or I've already had it, but wasn't sick enough to go to the doctor....
It says bars have to close at 10pm too lol, apparently its easier to get after 10? Rips me out of my upcoming DJ gigs too..
Anyway, what a perfect day to make masks mandatory...Terry Branstads bday...the former Iowa governor who became the ambassador to his bday is one of the days they claim that coronavirus can be traced back to now...
Branstad turns 74 years old...also a Freemason..
Reynolds born on 8/4..

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