Sunday, November 22, 2020

Malcolm Butler gets in John Harbaugh's Face Pregame of Titans vs Ravens


This was a headline story when I went to Yahoo a bit ago...

John Harbaugh=224(FB)

Mike Vrabel=194(FB) and 224(FB)

This happens 3 months 8 days after Mike Vrabel's bday and 3 months 8 days before Malcolm Butler's bday...


Tennessee=163(FB)...the 38th prime number..

Notice that Mike Vrabel went to a Jesuit High School too....John Harbaugh is a catholic and born on 9/23...also met the Pope last year.....The Ravens won the 2013 Super Bowl 38 days before Pope Francis became the Pope. 

They are both 6-3 right now and today is the anniversary of Catholic JFK being assassinated in 63'. 

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