Saturday, November 14, 2020

Comment about M16 and MI6


Ha, this comment blew my mind...I always thought this said "M 16" not "MI6". I looks very similar to M16, but it's actually the letter "I" how funny. 

It's funny cause as a 16 it can be a 4 1 6, which is a number I recently documented about too....416...4/16 with Pope Benedict and my Aunt Betty..

Regardless, I know it's important only because I thought thats what it meant and personally understood the meaning of that thought. It reminds me of when I thought a Wolverine was a Wolf for some reason....Outside of "Wolve" being in the name there is no real connection but the Michigan Wolverines were still connected to the narrative I was following with Lupercalia.  

I'm laughing so hard at myself right now, because my whole life I've associated it as "M16" when reading about it..Thanks for pointing this out to me. 

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