Sunday, November 1, 2020

Sean Connery and the film "The Name of the Rose"-Batman-Moon-War-Royal Family


Sean Connery even has a connection to the ROSE theme. Notice he is in a film called "The Name of the Rose" in which he portrays a Franciscan Priest. It just seems fitting considering Pope Francis and the Jesuits importance to this year. 

The film is based on the book by Umberto Eco, who believed his name was from an acroynm from a Jesuit book. 
Notice he was born on the same day as Marilyn Manson, Robert DuVall, and Charlie Rose too...and he died on 2/19....
219 is a number Zenith pointed out the importance of in regards to Charles Manson..
Charlie Manson=219

I left this comment on Zenith's video so I don't want to retype everything...but it's for sure synced to Batman/Moon...Robert Pattinson...Kristen Stewart and Twilight...

Remember Kristen Stewart is going to play Princess Diana in the upcoming film called, "Spencer"...we found this out right after Vera Lynn died synced to World War...Remember my sync with War and how the Rose theme syncs to War as the Blue Moon last night that was seen everywhere in the world for the first time since WWII is interesting....Also Pussy Galore died on 4/5, which is the day Queen Elizabeth II quoted Vera Lynn when she addressed the nation...also the same day Boris Johnson was hospitalized.....Boris Johnson then announced England is shutting down again on Halloween too. 

Boris Johnson=210(FB)

Of course Batman...Kiss from a Rose...It makes me wonder about Val Kilmer considering he has been on the brink of death for a while. Val Kilmer said his worst breakup was with Darryl Hannah...who is in the Blade Runner she's now married to Neil Young....Harvest MOON...

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  1. Top Gun II will be synced with KILmer.

    Im sure the day it happens will be cold, ICE MAN.


    MAN...28.10 53 17