Sunday, November 1, 2020

American Idol alum Nikki McKibbin dead-Cry Little Sister-The Lost Boys/Buffy Narrative-Moon-Trump Train in Texas 210


Nikki McKibbin was on the 1st season of American Idol that Kelly Clarkson won...Notice she died 191 days after Kelly Clarkson's bday of a brain aneurysm. 

Brain Aneurysm=191

She also died a span of 35 days after her 42nd bday and was born in 78'. 
Jesuit=42 and 78
Society of Jesus=191

The date 11/1 is also interesting because it's 46 days before Pope Francis' 84th bday. 
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=111

Nikki McKibbin=312(FB)

In light of my last post it's also interesting that Kelly Clarkson sums to 210. 
Kelly Clarkson=210(FB) and 76
American Idol=76 and 220...
Recall that 220 is also connected to the Jesuits...Pope Francis bday is 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary and the 220th Pope is who approved the Jesuits. 
Donald John Trump=220

I'm also interested in seeing that Nikki McKibbin had a single of Cry Little Sister"..It's the only song you can click on a link to view on her wikipedia page too. 
I DJed 2 Halloween party's the last few days and I randomly thought that "Cry Little Sister" would be a good Halloween type song to I played it both nights. I even had a conversation at work about this song and how I like the original version better than other ones I've heard such as Zug Izland and Aiden. I then started talking about "The Lost Boys" and what not and the girl I work with has never watched it before. 

 How have I ever not noticed that "The Lost Boys" came out on 7/31...exactly 5 years before "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" came out? Recall how these two films were important together in 2019...that date is 3 months 10 days before my bday...
Cry Little Sister=214 and 191

I didn't know Marilyn Manson made a cover of the song either....Apparently he made it for the film "The New Mutants" that just released on the same day Chadwick Boseman died....the film was supposed to release around the time of Manson covering this song in 2018, but it was delayed.....It's also on the TV show called, "Titans"....funny the actor who plays the character of ROSE is from Pittsburgh....Always a riddle....Titans...Steelers...It's not like the actress could be from Tennessee lol to make it easy to understand. 

I feel like I'm supposed to watch the new Bill and Ted film that came out on 8/28 too....I've been mentioning Keanu Reeves/The Matrix....and Alex Winter/Bill is also in The Lost Boys...
Ha, reading through the plot on the new Bill and Ted and go figure it mentions Interstate 210. 

Bobby sent me this message earlier about the "Trump Train" in Texas and Mile Marker 210 as well...
Trump Train=51
Moon=51, 21, 15
It was also on I-35...
Joe Biden the Catholic candidate....Think about 35th President Kennedy who was assassinated in Texas too. 


  1. Nikki died in Arlington, Texas.

    Home of the 2020 World Series featuring the LA Dodgers.

    Born 1978...

    1978 World Series was New York Yankees vs LA DODGERS.

    If you change the score from the 2020 World Series into a year.

    Ex. GAME 1 3-8...38'

    EVERY score/year was the NEW YORK Yankees, except Game 6....1-3. 13' which was the New York Giants.

  2. Game 1...3-8....38'

    NY Yankees vs Chicago Cubs

    Game 2.....6-4....64'

    NY Yankees vs St Louis Cardinals

    Game 3...6-2...62'

    New York Yankees vs SF Giants

    Game 4...7-8...78'

    New York Yankees vs LA Dodgers!!!!!

    [See above comment]

    Game 5...4-2...42'

    New York Yankees vs St Louis Cardinals

    Game 6....1-3....13'

    NEW YORK Giants vs Philadelphia As

    Nikki died 11/1.....

    111 = NEW YORK....

  3. The New York Yankees won in every year except the years represented by Games 2 + 5.

    Game 2...6-4....64.
    64' Kamala Harris Born

    Game 5....4-2.....42.
    42' Joe Biden Born