Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Ken Jennings to host Jeopardy on 11/30, the 16th anniversary of him losing to Nancy Zerg


What a joke....Ken Jennings is going to host Jeopardy for the time being.....notice he will start on 11/30....this is also the day he lost to Nancy Zerg on Jeopardy in 2004...

He lost a span of 175 days after his bday or just 174 days too...
Ken Jennings=175 and 174(FB) and 122 and 50

Nancy Zerg=224(FB)...WTF?  and 40 and 50
Alex Trebek=40...born in 40'. 

Kenneth Wayne Jennings II=264

In light of the Jesuit's being important to this year....Ken Jennings is currently 46 years old....he lost on Jeopardy 191 days after his bday...
Society of Jesus=191 and 187

Remember Ken Jennings won the Greatest of All Time Jeopardy on 1/14/2020 too...which is the anniversary of my Uncle Barney dying....James Holzhauer also shares a bday with my uncle Barney...

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