Sunday, November 22, 2020

Titans beat the Ravens on a score from Derrick Henry


The Titans beat the Ravens in OT by a score from Derrick Henry....Notice today is 43 days before his bday on 1/4 or 4/1...
Super Bowl=41
The Ravens don't seem to be the team, although there is still a chance they could somehow turn it around....I could be wrong and possibly the Ravens are that Catalyst team showing me a different team such as the Titans who do make sense to make the Super Bowl....
Ryan Tannehill the former Miami Dolphin...synced to the My uncle and Blackbird/Charles Manson...

When my uncle died I did mention the Age of Aquarius....also the First Super Bowl of the Chiefs vs Packers too...First and Last....Neil Armstrong/Eugene Cernan...just trying to think more about the riddle with my uncle...


  1. I just have to express my synchromystic event of the day. This morning, while still in bed, just before we got up, my husband starts to sing "I am Woman..." by Helen Reddy who died September 29, 2020, i also sang along. So we get up, I let the dog out and have a smoke, turn on the radio and the tale end of the song is playing, the Helen Reddy song, "I am Woman". WTF.

  2. Remember OBLIVION.

    Titan was a Lie.

    Move was about remembering JULIA.

  3. Don Shula.

    Born: 1.4.....14....41

    Died: 5-4.....54.....45