Saturday, November 14, 2020

MI and Michigan-Harbaugh Brothers-The Fresh Prince Reunion

 I was thinking about "MI" in regards to my last post and I started thinking how it's funny I mentioned my old info about the Michigan Wolverines....the letters "MI" are the abbreviation for "Michigan"....

Jim Harbaugh=194(FB) 

James Joseph Harbaugh=187

He is currently 56 years old...

Society of Jesus=56, 187

John Harbaugh=224(FB) and 165(FB)


Super Bowl LV=165

I then went to CNN and they have a story about a "Fresh Prince" reunion that will air on 11/19....Charles Manson's death day.....I just blogged about "The Fresh Prince"=224 a few days ago and I even looked up James Avery's death again....he died in 2013....he's also the voice of Shredder and I was thinking about getting a Shredder Mask since we now have to wear dumb ass masks at work....this was just before a major "PHIL" theme came up such as Philip Seymour Hoffman dying when the Seahawks beat the Broncos(Horse) and Phil from Duck Dynasty was in media and more....Also Pope Francis became Pope in 2013

Also..."Willard Carroll Smith Jr.=416(FB) I thought he was somehow important...especially with the "Will Smith" thing during the baseball season...

I have to get some sleep, but I'll look more at this again later today. 

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