Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Matt LaFleur's full name and some other thoughts in relation to Native Americans/Mormons.Old Information


All of the sources I can find say that Matt LaFleur's middle name is Patrick...
Matthew Patrick LaFleur=243 and 324....
What are the odds? Wiki changed his bday on 3/24 or 24/3. 

What else I find interesting is the fact that Matt LaFleur became the coach of the Packers on 1/8....I've recently mentioned the Packers in connection to the Age of Aquarius and Alex Trebek in relation to my Uncle Barney dying in 2017...He was connected to the Miami Dolphins who lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers on 1/8/2017.....
1/8 can be 8/1...
Kayla's bday is 81 days before 24/3..
Pittsburgh Steelers=81 and 243...

In relation to the Native American stuff though, I wonder about the Chiefs....when talking about the Age of Aquarius I also mentioned the first and the last stuff....and the Chiefs played the Packers in the first Super Bowl...
Plus the Chiefs are synced to the Mormons that I mentioned in my Meghan Markle video....The Mormon Zion was supposed to be next to where the Chiefs play...
Geronimo Allison went to Iowa Western in Council Bluffs, Iowa....which is where the Mormon Trail began...

There has to be something with that Utah monolith too in connection to the Angel Moroni dropping it's Trumpet after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl....
They just discovered the Utah monolith, but traced it back by satellite that it was put there around July 2016....recall this was the same time I started talking about a Native American theme in connection to Kevin Costner/Yellow Smoke/Cleveland Indians...
Yellow Smoke=194(FB)
Sacred Pole=194(FB)(He was the last keeper of it)
Sacred Pole=224(FB) and 318(Jewish) too. 
Chief Yellow Smoke=264(FB)
Salt Lake City=264(FB)
Kevin Costner is important to the Bodyguard, which is connected to Bobby Brown Jr. dying and my old post about Whitney Houston on the same day Charles Manson died....In that post I talk about the Ravens and the Packers.....Remember Larry Johnson(Chiefs) was born that same day too. 

Notice how thye trace it back between 7/7 and 10/21 in 2016...a 106 day difference....
Utah monolith=194(FB)

So many different narratives I am seeing....I'm anxious to see how the Ravens drama plays out...


  1. Lafleur d.o.b. 11/14
    Native Americans = 1114
    NFL stories
    Joe Webb returns to NFL
    d.o.b. 11/14
    Stubblefield rape
    d.o.b. 11/14
    Interesting that Webb was signed by Lions on 9/23 (Harbaugh d.o.b.)
    11/14 = 67 days before 1/20
    He has 888 yds passing in NFL career
    12/1 brought in by Giants
    Wonder if they sign him 12/2
    67 days before SB 55
    Ravens vs Steelers 12/2

    1. 11/14 is also 85 days before SB 55 in regards to your other post

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