Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Kobe Bryant Halloween Costume and 224, 209, Jesuits

I just posted my previous post and then saw a comment on Zachs video about Kobe Bryant, so I responded...I then realized Kobe has a Charles Manson connection and was going to make a new post...When I went back to my blog I then got a notification about Kobe lol...

Kobe Bryant=224(FB) and 209(FB)

Charles Manson=209

I find it interesting with Sean Connery dying that day too because I made a helicopter out of cardboard and went as Kobe Bryant for Halloween. 

Remember Kobe died 210 days before his bday too. The Legend of Chamberlain Heights episode anniversary of airing was 2 months 10 days before Kobe died and it came out 2 months 24 days after his bday.

Kobes memorial on 2/24 Gianna wore 2 and he wore 24..

Society of Jesus=243(FB)

Kobe Bean Bryant=243

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