Saturday, November 28, 2020

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. fight and more connections to the Manchster Arena bombing and Las Vegas Attack


Before the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. fight was re-scheduled to today I talked about how it was important to the Vegas attack and the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017...
It's interesting that today is 49 days before Roy Jones Jr.s bday..
Mike Tyson=49
Roy Jones Jr.=227(FB) the 49th prime
Las Vegas=49
Staples Center=49
The Manchester Arena bombing was 4 months 9 days before the Vegas Attack..(Or 132 day..Catholic)
Roy Jones Jr. lost his 51st fight keeping his win record at 49 at Mandalay Bay....The original fight was supposed to take place 51 days after it was announced....Roy Jones Jr is 51 years old..the guy he lost to is currently 51 years old..
Roy Levesta Jones Jr=233
The 51st prime number is 233. 
Mike Tyson turned 51 years old just after the Manchester Arena bombing and was 51 years old during the Las Vegas Attack....Their bday's are separated by 201 day...Tiger=201...Mike Tyson/The Hangover/Tigers/Las Vegas..
Mike Tyson's 51st fight was at the Manchester Arena...

Staples Center=194
Mike Tyson=164(FB)
Michael Gerard Tyson=164

Michael Gerard Tyson=197
Los Angeles California=197
Today is 4 months 5 days after the fight was announced..
The 45th prime is 197
Manchester Arena=197(FB) and 145
Ariana Grande=145(FB)

Today is a span of 59 days after the Vegas attack anniversary..
Mike Tyson=59
Roy Jones Jr=59
Jason Aldean born on the 59th day of the year.

It's interesting that today is 190 days or 6 months 6 days after the Manchester Bombing too..
Jason Aldean=66 and 190(FB)

There's definitely a riddle wouldn't think there would be a bombing/shooting at this event because of Covid, but there is something important to how the big events in 2017 are synced...

There has to be a riddle with Jake Paul fighting Nate Robinson too....Notice that Jake Paul got into a fight in Las Vegas on 2/23/2020 after the TYSON Fury fight...
Notice how Tyson Fury was born in Manchester too. 
Jake Paul=49 and 191(FB)
Tyson Fury=132(FB)
Zayne Malik=112, 49 and 164(FB)...born on 1/12...
The emergency dialing code in other countries is 1-1-2...

I should note that they Tyson Fury fight was on 2/22/2020....this reminds me of the Chiefs and all the 2 stuff, but also the Manchester Arena bombing was all about 22 as well...

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