Friday, November 20, 2020

YouTube says my Donald Trump Jr. has 224 views and Zach's Livestream Guest with 224 Subscribers


I didn't end up having band practice tonight so I had to take my girlfriends brother to work...After I dropped him off I got on my phone to turn on Zach's live stream so I had something to listen to on the way home....I had a notification of a comment about the video I put on YouTube before I left and notice how I had 224 views when I checked this comment...

As I was listening to this live stream I realized he had a guest on, but I had no idea who it was....I'm home now and I heard him say his channel name was "Truth Does N0T 3xist"....I finally found his channel and of course he has 224 Subscribers right now....I am currently uploading a video about Bobby Brown Jr. and a lot to do with the number 224 too. 

Truth Does N0T 3xist=314(FB) This is when you don't add the numbers how the Gematrinator always does....

Truth Does Nt xist=314(FB)

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