Friday, November 27, 2020

Lamar Jackson gets coronavirus on Thanksgiving-The Washington Redskins/Football Team and South Park episode "Go Fund Yourself"-RGIII

 I think I cursed the Ravens this week lol, now Lamar Jackson has coronavirus? 

What I forgot in regards to the Ravens is that Robert Griffin III is the backup for Lamar Jackson. Remember the South Park episode that is important to the Redskins changing their name to Washington "Football Team" involved Robert Griffin III. 

So it's fitting that Lamar Jackson would get coronavirus the same day Washington(Indians) beat the Cowboys on the Ravens are set to play the Cowboys next Thursday too. 

Robert Griffin III=174

Baltimore Ravens=174

Football Team=174(FB)

I also mentioned the connections to 2017 in that post, which is the season I thought the Eagles would play the Steelers in the Super Bowl.....This happens before the Steelers vs Ravens game...

Baltimore...the Catholic Colony...Pope Francis with the Lamar Jackson Jersey...Catholic John Harbaugh...Blackbird connected to Charles Manson....

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