Friday, November 6, 2020

The number 210 in relation to my synchronicity driving my girlfriends brother to Work

 I went and played guitar and hung out with my friend Cisco last night. He is the guy who I have recently blogged about and used to make rap beats for. Anyway, later in the night he started talking about the election and he hates Trump with a passion and so on...I saw him on Facebook all day long on the day of the election posting bye to Trump and so on too. 

I thought it was funny in regards to this too, because CNN had Joe Biden stuck on 224 electoral votes for over a day, and remember my friend was all about the number 224. He even brought up the post about his son last night and I told him that the post was all about 224 and then he texted me 224 days later. I then explained the Helter Skelter experience giving my girlfriends brother a ride to work, and how it was 224 days after I posted the video on Facebook...Funny cause last night he showed me a beat he made with a Charles Manson interview too lol. 

Although I explained the shit out of this stuff, he is still skeptical...For example I explained the Buffy the Vampire stuff and how Luke Perry died 3 months 10 days later...he then says well it wasn't 310's using 2 methods that leaves about a 1 in 182 chance of it happening, or a half a percent chance and this stuff happens every single day. Or I told him about 9/11 and Flight 77 and his type of reponse is something like....well the flight wasn't going 77mph and the passengers don't have 77 fingers and so on...anything to ignore a pattern exists...and I understand what he is saying, but it's also about how the media portrays certain number patterns such as telling us Adam Lanza weighed 112 pounds....Also, the patterns in your own life are guiding you to understand a narrative outside of numbers. Not every single thing has to fit the pattern for it to exist, but once you realize there is a pattern it can help you understand the reasoning behind it. 

Anyway, we also talked about a lady we both know who died of Covid yesterday. She was 58 years old, which is crazy because almost everyone who had died is at least 80 it seems around here....anyway, I looked her up today and she died 143 days before her bday and her name sums to 143 so I sent him a text showing it. I wasn't going to, but he texted me this morning about a some girl he just met and she showed him his Life number in astrology and so on....He does find it interesting, but he doesn't see the point in obsessing over it and doesn't believe that people are ruling the world with a high understanding of this knowledge....

Moral of the story, I looked at his name again in Gematria today..

Chris Schwery=210(FB)

What are the odds of this? The sync I had giving my girlfriends brother a ride to work that involved him was showing me to pay attention to the English Extended Cipher...Then Sean Connery died in connection to the Moon, which I blogged about in the english extended cipher the word Moon sums to 210.....that sync was indeed showing me to pay attention to the number 210 and how it synced to the Moon. 

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