Thursday, November 19, 2020

Death of Bobby Brown Jr. and my friends text today 224


Bobby Brown Jr=224(FB) is dead today...this is interesting because Zenith was just telling me how the music group BBD(224) might be important....the members of this group were also in New Edition with Bobby Brown...
Also remember the connection to the Houston Rockets with Bobby Brown...I'm wondering if this is part of why James Harden being possibly traded has been in the news too...

My video Zenith commented in was a lot to do with the number 224 as well..I pointed out how I titled my book "The Synchromystic"=224 because of him..
Zenith of the Alpha America=224

The video I made had a lot to do with my friend Cisco too and he randomly text me about this today too..
I'm interested that he was showing me a video of Bobby McFerrin and Robin Williams too...Today is "The Fresh Prince"=224 reunion and 2 nights ago I finally watched  the new Aladdin film where Will Smith is the Genie.. Robin Williams is the genie in the cartoon. The cartoon is 100 times better in my opinion too..
Robin Williams also died on 8/11 which is important to Kamala Harris, San Francisco..Tisha Bav...
HA!...San Fran CISCO?
Chris Schwery=210(FB)
Barney Murphy=210(FB)
Bobby McFerrin=210(FB)
San Francisco=210
Kamala Harris bday is a span of 2 months 10 days after 8/11
Remember how the 4th blood moon Tetrad was important to San Francisco and Pope Francis visit leaving on the Jesuit anniversary...

Whitney Houston...Space...remember a major reason I started following the Jesuits was the sync I had with priests after Barney died..I then discovered Father Paul was a Jesuit who died in  Bathtub at Jesuit Creighton...age 63 and 6 months 3 days after the Jesuit uncle also died age 63 and so on...Whitney and her daughter died in a bathtub too...

It's also interesting that today is the day Charles Manson died and the day he died I blogged about A story involving Whitney Houston too..
The Bodyguard=194
Charles Manson=194
Secret Service connection again too...
I mentioned the Ravens and Packers in that post too.. 

While looking at my Whitney Houston stuff I also mentioned Rosey Grier..he was a bodyguard for RFK....JFK important to Charles Manson...maybe we will see Rosey Griers death in the coming year?

I'm at work but hopefully can look at this more later tonight..

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