Sunday, November 1, 2020

Death of Sean Connery-The Moon- Synchronicities in connection to this-The Big Bang Theory-Batman


Thinking more on the death of Sean Connery, I realized it really is connected to the Moon. 

In the previous post I pointed out that he died 209 days after Honor Blackman/Pussy Galore...and "Thomas Sean Connery=209....but this means he also died a span of 210 days later. 

Pussy Galore=210(FB)

Moon=210(English Extended)

I know the English Extended Cipher is something I am supposed to pay attention to due to my synchronicity driving my girlfriends brother to work the other night....recall I've been on the number 194 like crazy and after that sync happened I noticed his name summed to 194 in the English Extended Cipher...hence I was thinking that sync was telling me to pay attention to that cipher...

His name also sums to 170(FB) and "Moon"=170(Jewish)

Funnier yet is that I call him Michael, but his Facebook he just uses Mike...."Mike Cole"=44 and the sync happened 44 days before his birthday. The next day I got a Facebook message asking me about the numbers 37 and 73 from a friend in town....I told him about the Big Bang Theory..and then later told him about the sync with the McDonald's receipt....but..."Mike Cole"=37 and 73....the sync happened 3 months 7 days after the Moon landing anniversary..

There is a lot of interesting stuff with that sync....

Mike Cole=143

Michael Cole=420(FB)

Michael's bday is 143 days or 4 months 20 days after the moon landing anniversary....Plus I just documented about 143 in relation to the Tiger theme and remember the Tiger theme is also important to NASA/Space/Moon...


Sean Connery=1114(English Extended)

This is interesting because it reminds me of Prince Charles' bday on 11/14. Remember in 2016 this was the date of the closest Super Moon since 1948 all synced to the election....just after this moon is when I really started to noticed a Space/Moon theme...then a John Glenn Died a few weeks later...Buzz Aldrin was hospitalized, and then Eugene Cernan died 2 months later. 

Diana is the goddess of the Moon too. 

It makes even more sense considering Connery died on the night of a Blue Moon too. A moon that was visible everywhere in the world for the first time since World War II. 

Neil Armstrong died age 82 on Sean Connery's 82nd bday..Remember this was just after the Batman shooting in 2012 that was synced to Kobe's Achilles injury too. Also important to Dwight Howard/Rockets....John Glenn died on Howard's birthday 12/8 in 2016 too.....the director of many of the 80's James Bond films was a guy named John Glen...

The number 82 also stands out to me, because the guy messaging me about 73 and 37 has a birthday on 8/2.....8/2 is the 214th day typically which reminds of Valentines Day, and Valentines Day is a span of 210 days after the Moon landing anniversary. 

Sean Connery is in "Diamonds are Forever" which has James Bond go through a movie set with people on the moon.....

Roger Moore was the only James Bond to go to the moon in the film "Moonraker"....Moore died in 2017 when I was talking about a Space/Moon theme..

What's even funnier about the 1835 Moon Hoax that I'm just now seeing is that the civilization on the moon was Man-Bat people....or BATMAN...

The Aurora shooting had the word "Aurora" on the Aurora Plaza in China during the James Bond preview of "Skyfall"...

I'm just thinking here....remember 8/6/2022 is when Tisha B'Av falls synced up to the Year of the Tiger....also remember how much of the Batman symbolism is synced to the number 86..."Skyfall"=86, "Aurora Colorado"=86, and so on..

Aliens=86(FB)...the Mars Rover landed on 8/6/2012 just after the Batman shooting. 

The new James Bond film, "No Time To Die" was supposed to release on 3/31/2020 but was pushed back due to coronavirus.....3/31 to 10/31 is 214 days...

Daniel Craig=214

What are the odds that I have a post about an odd occurence just after posting a YouTube video in 2017....Especially when the post is about Sheldon and the numbers 37 and 73 lol..

NASA also recently confirmed that there is Water on the Moon....Halloween H20? 


  1. Zeta is the 7th letter. We just had Hurricane Zeta rip through. Catherine "Zeta" Jones starred alongside Sean Connery in Entrapment which released exactly 266 lunar months before his death. The film featured the twin Petronas Towers. Jones and husband Michael Douglas born exactly 25 years apart on the 25th of September. Connery born on the 25th of August. We await the 25th installment of the James Bond franchise. 2+5 = 7.

  2. Michael Douglas even born on a date with 97 numerology. 25th prime is 97. Catherine Zeta-Jones born on the day of a lunar eclipse.

  3. I noticed in the shot of the trump trucks surrounding the Biden Harris bus they pass exit 210.