Sunday, November 22, 2020

Cyber Polygon simulation 264 days after Event 201-The number 264 and the Royal Family/Jesuits


I saw Zach's video last night about the World Economic Forums simulation on 7/8/2020 called "Cyber Polygon". 

He pointed out that this event happened 264 days after Event 201..

World Economic Forum=264

Klaus Martin Schwab=264(Founder of WEF)

Saint Ignatius of Loyola=264

This stands out because I have recently mentioned the Sack of Rome and Charles V.....

Charles V was born on 2/24 but he died on 9/21(The 264th day of the year). 

Kamala Harris=264(FB)

White House=264(FB)

Covid Nineteen=264(FB)

Seattle Washington=264(FB)

7/8 is 3 months 12 days before Kamala's bday....Biden's bday is 312 days before the Jesuit anniversary..

Cyber Polygon=312(FB)

Jorge Mario Bergoglio=312


Francis Xavier died on 3/12(Dec. 3rd) and made a saint with Ignatius of Loyola on 3/12. 

Clement VII=312(FB)..died after the Jesuits were formed. 

United States=312(FB)

Kobe Bryant and Rudy Gobert also synced to 312..

The Korean War and Kim Jong Un synced to 312...Megxit happened on Kim Jong Un's bday...Meghan Markle born on 8/4 and more...

Queen Elizabeth II's father died 312 days before his bday at the age of 56. It's also 132 days after the Jesuit anniversary and he was coronated on the 132nd day..

Queen Elizabeth II=264

King Charles III=264(FB)

Another interesting 264 is that after James II died/Jacobites...William of Orange became the King on 4/11 which leaves 264 days in the year. 

James II=201(FB)

William of Orange co-ruled with Queen Mary II...

Queen Mary II=264(FB)

William of Orange=318(FB) and 160

William III=164

Royal Family=318(FB) and 160

Prince Charles born on the 318th day(11/14) which is 318 days before the Jesuit anniversary...Diana died on 31/8...

Church of England=318(FB)

There is for sure something important to the 264 number...

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