Sunday, November 8, 2020

Galt MacDermot and the show "Aquarius" about Charles Manson-Alex Trebek Born during Cancer(Water) and dies of Cancer in Scorpio(Water)


What stands out to me in regards to this comment is that Galt MacDermot's bday will be 38 days after my 38th bday...

Galt MacDermot=210(FB) and 261(FB)

Charles Manson=261(FB)

It's also interesting to note that there is a TV show called "Aquarius" that is all about Charles Manson...

Gethin Anthony=318(FB)

In regards to Aquarius being the Water Bearer....think how Alex Trebek was born on 7/22 which is the last day of Cancer...he then dies in Scorpio of Cancer....Cancer and Scorpio's are both Water Signs.....

Think about QAnonymous and Trump...Watch the Water...Also James Bond...Q....


  1. The Great Conjunction will be in tropical Aquarius

  2. I did a community post on youtube talking about how the 8th or 9th would be a water ritual. 9/11 turned 237 lunar months old on the 8th or 9th depending on time zone. Rambo taught us about the heliacal Rising of Sirius being celebrated on 23/7. Maybe it was moved to 22/7 in 1940 since that was a leap year. 23/7 is the Cancer Leo cusp in non leap years and it's 22/7 in leap years. Anyways the Secretary of Defense Trump just fired started as SecDef on 7/23/2019. He was SecDef for 475 days which = 5x95. Sirius = 595 Greek Isopsephy. Oddly enough Aquarius is an air sign.

  3. Alex Trebek = 103
    Mercury = 103
    He was born with his Mercury at 118° which you documented is the value of Cancer. He died with Mercury at 208°. The sum of the magic square of Mercury is 2080. 208 is 90° away from 118° so Mercury, yesterday, was square to his birth Mercury. Has to be something with Jim Carrey, fellow canadian. JC is 10-3. Tomorrow Mercury reaches maximum elongation right before entering your sign: Scorpio.

    1. Thanks for all your work. The planetary alignments are crucial. It's seems to be about energy. Also interesting is "Hair" = 999 reverse extended. Aquarius is so important too. My father use to say "Your hair is your crown and glory"...