Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Youtube HQ shooting-Stoneman Douglas-Valentines Day

How ridiculous...a shooting at Youtube HQ. Youtube just started cracking down on Guns. Also deleting videos and channels for speaking out....cracking down on "Conspiracy" videos. 
They started doing this because of the Stoneman Douglas Valentines Day Massacre. 
Shooting=44, 109(reverse)
Youtube HQ=44, 109(reverse)

Remember Youtube founded on Valentines Day in 2005. 
The same year the Astros lost in the World Series and the Eagles lost in the Super Bowl. Both recently won sports championships. 

About 13 miles from San Francisco in the 13th year of Youtube. 

I never realized Youtube was located in the San Francisco Bay Area though in the city of San Bruno. Notice the motto. "City with a HEART"...how's that for the Love symbolism. 
How much have I mentioned San Francisco in connection to Philadelphia/Bridges..the City of Brotherly Love? 

This shooting comes 49 days or 1 month 21 days(end date) after Valentines. 
Valentines=49, 121
Valentines the 45th day....

Notice how Youtube was inspired by Janet Jacksons boob being shown in the 2004 SB. Remember how that incident was super connected to the National Anthem/Super Bowl 52/Charles Manson...
Interesting it says later in 2004 more inspiration came from the Indonesian Tsunami....something I've looked at in the past few days and even mentioned on my DMX post. All the WATER theming that could possibly be connected to the Earthquake stuff I've mentioned. 

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  1. I was catching up on the JEWrassic Liars channel today, and he just uploaded a video where he talks about a news story from San Bernadino. I believe it was about another shooting as well....