Wednesday, April 11, 2018

TJ Miller Amtrak Bomb Threat-Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay

The first thing I want to point out in this story is how they put emphasis that he was on the show "Silicon Valley". 
With as much as I've recently mentioned bridge symbolism and the connection to San Francisco it's interesting. The Real Silicon Valley is in the San Francisco Bay Area...
TJ Miller=36, 99, 117(reverse)
Bridge=36, 117(reverse)
He's 36 years old...
The story actually happened on 3/18 but he was arrested on 4/9...
4/9 the 99th day of the year(fitting for his name)
3/18 the 77th day of the year...
"Todd Joseph Miller"=77
Silicon Valley=77(v)

This story comes 1 month 27 days(end date) before his bday on 6/4. 
Fake Bomb Threat=64, 127

Interesting it's also 8 weeks 1 day....
Born in 81'
Amtrak Train=81(rev red)
81 the big number with bridges and the GG Bridge. 

The Amtrak Derailments have been connected to the Golden State Warriors who play in the San Fransico bay area as well. 

Also interesting he called the threat in to New Jersey....a place that has been associated with what I'm talking about....also Bridgegate...

He's also in Cloverfield which I've mentioned as well in regards to the Statue of Liberty/Sylvester Stallone and more...

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