Saturday, April 7, 2018

Sylvester Stallone visits Rocky Statue-Muenster Van Attack-Nice, France Attack-Cheese attacks-Sweden-Recent Bus Stories

Sylvester Stallone visits the Rocky Statue yesterday on 4/6. 
Do I really even need to type why this is significant? 

Now today we get a van ramming into a crowd reminding us of the Nice, France attack that Sylvester Stallone was at. It's just such a joke. I just re-mentioned the Nice, France attack in my Conor McGregor post too. 
There's something for sure going on with "Bus" lately. We got the story of McGregor throwing a dolly at the Bus....then the story of the drunk bus driver that wreck going to the Masters....then the Canadian Hockey team bus crash.....
It makes me think of Wrestlemania 31 that had the Terminator Genisys scene with the BUS crash on the Golden Gate Bridge...

Muenster=47(rev red) also 34(WM 34?)
This happens on 4/7...
Muenster, Germany=81(rev red)
The big Bridge number...

CNN tells us this incident similar to the one in Stockholm...
I'm interested as Stockholm Syndrome is what Patty Hearst had and we recently got the story of her in the media. She first robbed the bank in San Francisco....Also Jasmine's friends came out the other day and they mentioned Stockholm Syndrome multiple times in stories about the kids....I thought it was odd at the time, but now I'm sure somehow I was supposed to think about it to connect the dots in this story...
Also I'm reminded how the US Curling team beat Sweden this year in the Olympics..
Also I'm thinking about Muenster CHEESE and Swiss CHEESE. Possibly there is a riddle for something in Wisconsin or Switzerland?
Cheese=45, 117(reverse)
Bridge=45, 117(reverse)

This Swedish Soccer player might be at WM 34....Who knows just researched Swedish WWE wrestlers and this came up...

Stockholm reminds me of 2 things as well...
Stock Market....Holly Holm who beat Ronda Rousey....Just documenting cause it's the first thing I thought of when seeing that word...

Also Dolph Lundgren the "Russian" in Rocky is actually from SWEDEN. 
I probably should watch the Expendables films, but I have just never had any interest....Especially considering the Expendables 3 was Ronda Rousey's first feature film...

Back to the Future newspaper also mentions Sweden....
Also remember Stallone and Rocky's bdays are July 6th or 6/7..
July 6th is celebrated at Valentines Day in the Eastern Orthodox...

Van Attack=150(reverse)
Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone=150
Dolph Lundgren=150
Philadelphia Eagles=150
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School=150
San Francisco Bay=150
The Ben Franklin Bridge built in honor of 150 years of the Declaration of Independence..
Ben Franklin born on 1/17 just like Muhammad Ali and so on...

I doubt it's a coincidence Colin Kaepernick is born on 11/3 just like Dolph Lundgren either. Apollo Creed was based off/ispired by Muhammad Ali. I just noticed Apollo Creed was born on 8/17...the same day as the kid "Auggie" in the film Wonder....

On Wikipedia it also says Ivan Drago was connected to the film "Disaster Movie"...If I remember correctly there was scene in that film involving Michael Jackson too....

Does the Youtube shooter not remind you of Michael Jackson too? 
Looks like her face is fake or deformed or a mask....Every picture I've seen reminds me of Michael Jackson...(Marilyn Manson/Lisa Marie)...
I don't have time today to really look into these stories but wanted to document some quick thoughts as they are interrelated...


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    1. Interesting Parallel's! I think Sylvester Stallone is making himself visible yesterday was promotion for "Creed II". A way to continue the brainwashing of people who idolize Mr. Stallone and his Rocky Bal"BOA" (Boa Constrictor/Snake) character. The main character in "Creed II" (release date of November 21, 2018) "Adonis Creed is played by Michael B Jordan. Michael B Jordan was in "Fruitvale Station" based on the alleged shooting of "OSCAR Grant" in "Oakland California". Which connects to the "Black Panthers" and the "Black Panther Movie" that Jordan is in. Also, this decode has a parallel to Donald Trump and how most "Americans" connect the city of "Philadelphia" to this countries "Independence". The word "Creed" means a system of religious beliefs; a faith (Like the "Nicene Creed"/NICE-ne France).

      A few minutes ago I checked to see who is on SNL and the host is Chadwick Boseman (BE MASON) the actor in the Superhero film "Black Panther" (SNL=150-Reverse Sumerian).

      "Creed II"=44(Trump is listed as the 44th President)
      "Michael B. Jordan"=44
      "Oscar Grant"=44 and 47(4/7) Jordan's character in "Fruitvale Station" his 1st movie

      Jordan is "31" years old, he has the same initials ("M.J.") as Michael Jackson connecting to Stallone's real name "MICHAEL" Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone".
      "Rocky Balboa"=31 and 131 (1x31=31)
      "Nasim Najafi Aghdam"=131 (Youtube Shooter)
      "Nicene Creed"=131
      "Chadwick Boseman"=131
      The reason the article states it is the "Perfect TIME" to rededicate the statue, is because the sequel has a release date that is "228" days from 4/7/2018(4/7-11/21/2018). Which also calculates to "7" months and 2" weeks(72). "United States Of America"=228, "Perfect Time"=72 and "The Declaration Of Independence"=702(72)

      "Michael Jackson"=614(Satanic) 6/14 Trumps birthday
      "Adonis Creed"=200(Trump's Birthday on 6/14 leaves 200 days left in the year)
      "The Black Panther's"=1614(1x614=614)
      "The Rocky Balboa Statue"=71(Stallone & Trumps Age)
      "Fruitvale Station"=71

      Last year "MICHAEL Fassbender" was in the movie "ASSASSIN CREED" released in 2016(216). Again, the year Stallone was nominated for an "Oscar". Fassbender's love interest in the film was french actress "MARION Cotillard" who is from Paris, France. "Marion" is a version of my name ("Marian") and Michael Jackson has a daughter named "Paris".
      "Marion Cotillard"=216
      "Michael Joseph Jackson"=216(Like 2016)

      "Assassin Creed"=816(Like August 16th)
      "Sylvester Stallone"=816
      "Creed II"=816
      Now August 16th is the "228" day in the year and the release date for the film (11/21/2018), again is "228" days away. Also, another Michael (Michael Strahan/Satan) the retired football player has a birthday on 11/21 (11/21/1971). MICHAEL Jackson was born in the month of "August"(August 29th) and that connects to the movie "WONDER" with character "August/Auggie".

      "Two Hundred Sixteen"=228

    2. Dan, please forgive any redundancy and the length. I like your work and I just wanted to make a contribution.

      Take Care

  2. Hey man great work as always, I’m plannng on using some of your reasearch in my next few youtube posts, i hope that’s ok. I also wanted to tell you that Miami is the name. A tribe of native Americans from Green Bay Wisconsin. Amazing right!

  3. Research rituals with hands raised above head. Also, as it pertains to bridges, the sacred meaning to the heart, listen through this 2 hr podcast about the golden ratio,
    As for my parallels, I have been described as autistic by my brother, who is a Rosicrucian recently married to a high ranking mason, who I introduced to two decades ago after turning away his bank job proposal. I believe they are the first/second gay couple to marry in Delaware. Long story short, I get a call from my brother yesterday with a tornado warning in my immediate area, which his partner recieved via phone alert( ironically I didn’t recieve). Yet my bro called to alert me to prepare. Luckily, I live beside a major bank check processing building, and so minimal damage.
    I want to acknowledge this reality can relate easily to both yours and my life, and so I’m amazed to see whom else relates to these coincidences? I truly believe our creator creates a strong narrative for his faith in everyone. This amazing life remains to show its blessings,..