Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sixth Earthquake in Central Nebraska-Arnold Schwarzenegger-Moon

Yet another Earthquake hits the same region in Central Nebraska on 4/16. 
They are all close to the town of "Arnold"....
I'm starting to wonder if there is a connection to the Wrestlemania Earthquake stuff with Arnold Schwarzenegger? 
Interesting seeing this article after posting about "68" and 211 in my previous post. 
Schwarzenegger born on the 211th day of the year 47'. 
Remember 211 the 47th prime number. 
Henry Ford died on 4/7/47 and born on 211th day...

Interesting too as a lot of it ties back to the 923 stuff I was talking about in 2015 connected to Philadelphia and San Francisco. I see these Quakes started on 4/9....4/9 and 9/23 are mirror dates...Also San Francisco has the connection to 49 with Gold...I covered a lot abotu 49 in old videos such as how they called Plutonium 239(23/9) in the manhattan project "49". Thinking about how the Moon stuff is connected to the 49th anniversary of the EAGLE landing on the MOON. 
Eagle=49 and so on...
Arnold Schwarzenegger=923(satanic)

I saw that Arnold was also married to JFK's niece which I didn't know before....As I was looking into I noticed Wikipedia talks about his early relationships. It mentions a big long one with Barbara Baker and even says their first date was watchin the first Apollo Moon landing. Oh the odds wiki would write that in there..

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